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Best Butterfly knives – Why Are Butterfly Knives Illegal?

The word illegal simply means something which is forbidden by law, so then, why are butterfly knives illegal?

It becomes a matter of great concern when the legality of a thing is questioned, don’t you think so? 

As the knives are scary so is this word illegal. Centuries back in 800 AD the butterfly knife came into existence in the Philippines. Though the origin of the knife is not completely clear as it is something ages back.

Balisong and Batangas are two more names attached to it. Structurally the knife was designed in a way that it could be opened quickly. The usage of this illegal butterfly knife is so easy and handy as a weapon. It can be used single-handed. It is an ancient knife that can fit easily inside your pocket and can also be used for a variety of tricks and self-defense.

To know more about butterfly knives, let’s consider the most famous knives along with their structuring and uses:

are trainer butterfly knives illegal

The best feature of this knife is that it is the safest with no risk factor. This is the best one for beginners for practice. It has a non-offensive unsharpened blade which acts as a safety for the users. This version is a perfect butterfly knife trainer with a weight of 60 Oz and a blade size of 4”. This enhanced 404 stainless steel knife with screws can be used safely and easily for flips and tricks.

It facilitates longer hours of flipping fun with great ease and comfort. It is ergonomic and a finely polished handle gives enough ease to the intermediate learners. It’s quite interesting for the butterfly knife lovers to perform numerous types of tricks and action with it.

It’s a wonderful metallic knife used for practice. The user can easily do flipping tricks with this butterfly knife as it includes the unsharpened feature. This knife is designed in such a way that it is light in weight with a skeletonized handle. The flip tricks with action can be done by the user causing no harm to anything in front, be it a couch, carpet, chair or lawn. It has a size of 8.8” 3.9” 0.1”. It comes in two pieces in two different metallic colors black and silver. The tail latch of this knife helps in the smooth closing and opening of the knife.

real butterfly knife

ANLADO balisong trainer is very safe for beginners, butterfly knife lovers, and even children. While learning how to use this knife, it keeps you away from any harm or danger (cuts or bruises). It’s certainly a great idea to gift this knife to your friend who loves a butterfly knife. This butterfly knife trainer weighs 5,83 oz, 5” blade and the center of mass gives the perfect weight balance to it for proper flipping purposes. It is more durable as is made with 440 c stainless steel and has enhanced screws. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority or refund is easily done as the happiness of a customer is of potent value.

It has a non-offensive blade which makes it user-friendly. If this knife is in hand with a beginner, then all sorts of danger or harm are away. This butterfly knife is beautifully designed in a sleek shape. It possesses premium quality. Solid pin construction along with the copper washer setup and a spring latch gives it a longer-lasting finish.
It is one of the safest knives and has zero risk factor. The knife possesses a perfect weight balance and a perfect mass at the center for easy purposes. This is a great gift for friends and family.

This is a high-quality knife with great features. It again has a non-offensive blade. The knife is brand new, durable, safe and easy to use and can be used in a smoke-free environment. The knife is light in weight as it has a specially designed skeletonized handle. The lightweight helps the user to use the knife with great comfort while performing flipping tricks. The size parameters of the knife are 8.75” when it’s open and 5” when it’s closed approximately. It comes in a pack of two knives with a fine metal finish.

Why A Good Butterfly Knife Attracts People ?

Butterfly knives are one of the oldest and most desired of all times. Its flips and tricks can attract people. Most amazing and fabulous features are attached to it. Most importantly the varied types of butterfly knives which we have today are a fascination for any intermediate learner, trainers or experts to use for self-defense also. 

Butterfly knives are illegal due to a few reasons, as the nature of this knife is a threatening one and it has an easy deployment. Few countries have outlawed it. But still apart from all these things this butterfly knife or the balisong is a charm for the learners and the trained ones to play flip tricks with it.