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Best Cordless Fillet Knife 2020 [Updated]

Why go the manual way when we can have the convenience of easy filleting with cordless knives.

Electric Fillet Knives are quite popular for the sheer ease of operation and effortless filleting, now the Cordless fillet knives are taking the equation even farther.

These knives prove to be the best helping hands that not only save your time but are surprisingly convenient, sharp, offer greater manoeuvrability over the other knives and are preferred by chefs, cooks, and angler’s world over.

But picking up the right one for your needs isn’t a cakewalk. Which power source should one prefer? Multiple interchangeable blades should be favoured or not? There could be endless doubts that make your choice hard, thus the below read is an effort to help you make an informed decision.

Furthermore, find a round-up of some of the most accomplished and top-rated cordless fillet knives available in the market.



  • Very Sharp

  • Operates Quietly

  • Air Flow Body Design


  • Easy Maintenance

  • Ergonomic Handle

  • Protective & Safe pac


  • More Durable

  • Intuitive Trigger

  • Dishwasher safe Parts



The Rapala cordless fillet knife is designed wonderfully to provide amazing twist and turns while chopping at a great speed. It is very sharp but don’t worry it is not deadliest knife it is safe to use if used with precautions , which keeps you free to move it easily, and it goes for continuous 80 minutes on full charge.

It comes with Lithium ion batteries and the blade is 71/2 inch in size. The complete pack is in an EVA storage case. The smooth working of the knife engine is possible due to its air flow body design.

The Rapala is a heavy-duty knife which can work tirelessly with ease, giving a great output by cutting, chopping, filleting and skinning fish. It can also be used for other kitchen purposes, but is best known as a fillet knife. Any type of fish large or medium can be filleted with this one.

The knife is manufactured with a durable material, and uses reciprocating style blades. It comes with a wall charger, and with an easy operation using on/off button. The blades are safe to be cleaned in a dishwasher, and is a mid-priced one.

The motor of the knife doesn’t heat up quickly, operates quietly, exhibits great power as compared to the other electric knives. A far better option to use than a manual or folding fillet knife for beginner cooks or expert chefs.


  • Comes with a powerful torque, facilitating deeper cuts.

  • Sharp blades make filleting, slicing, cutting, roasting and more an easy task.

  • It comes with replaceable blades, and can work up to 80 mins continuously.

  • The battery is a powered one -Lithium ion.

  • Affordable knife and features dishwasher safe blades.


  • The weight balance of a knife could be a little improved one.

  • An awkward safety switch placement.


The Hamilton Beach battery-powered fillet knife is a great option for making your holiday roast delicious and perfect. A versatile knife which works best for cutting cheese, meats and artisan bread, and carves them wonderfully giving a perfect look.

On thanks giving you can easily carve a Turkey with this amazing knife. The electric knife features excellent stainless-steel blades which can be easily removed for quick cleaning.

The beach knife comes in a wonderful plastic storage case, which provides a protective and safe pack while not in use. It possesses an easy to grip ergonomic handle, making it comfortable for the user to do any type of chopping, cutting. The reciprocating serrated blades add to its utility factor.

A versatile knife which can also be used as a foam cutter and DIY projects. You can go straight from carving to serving without any special expertise to use this knife.

An effortless one which can be just put to use back and forth, efficiently, speedily for a great produce. The knife blade measures 7 ½ inch and the fork measures 12 inch. The fork can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher, while the knives should be done handwashing with soapy hot water.


  • A versatile knife which can be used for filleting and other kitchen chores.

  • Has an ergonomic handle, providing you non-slip easy grip.

  • Comes with an easy maintenance.

  • The blades are made of stainless steel.

  • Comes with an additional carving.

  • Blades don’t require sharpening.


  • A little heavier in weight.

  • The button is underside of the handle which is sometimes uncomfortable for the users.


The Black and Decker slice right electric knife is a comfortable knife which makes cutting, carving, slicing, so quick and easy. It features a 9-inch stainless steel blade, is a secure one with an intuitive trigger for turning the knife on and off.

The 7 ½ inch serrated part and an additional 1 ½ inch tang (before the plastic) let it cut meats, bread, craft foam evenly. The handle comes with a comfort grip handle in an ergonomic design, which keeps your wrists fatigue free along with a good control while slicing.

The safety lock button makes us feel secure as it prevents the knife from turning on, when it’s plugged in. All the parts of this knife are dishwasher safe, and the back-release button helps in removing the blades easily.

You can simply lay the blades on the dishwasher’s top rack, and they come out clean and fresh for next use. As compared to the other fillet knives, this one is more durable and can last longer. The blades can also do a lot for meat smoking and even grilling.


  • A multipurpose knife which can be used for carving, filleting and cutting fish (many types)

  • The ergonomic design and the comfort grip handle provide you a lot of ease.

  • There are no chances for the knife to open accidentally as it features a safety lock button.

  • The knife blades are dishwasher safe, which support quick and easy cleaning.

  • It comes with a blade releasing button, which makes the blade removal easy.


  • Can be overheated if used continuously.

  • Button has to be kept a little depressed while cutting, making it inconvenient for some.


The Bubba Li-Ion Cordless electric fillet knife is designed uniquely by expert engineers, to provide you success on water. The non-slip grip handle and ergonomic crafted shape makes the work comfortable and firm control.

This one is a masterpiece as hours and hours have been spent for its minute detailing and testing. It comes with a handle length of 8.5 inches and with a weight of 1.11 lbs. They are manufactured with high carbon stainless steel with a titanium nitride coating, which makes filleting of every type possible.

This rechargeable fillet knife comes with a dual-rivet blade and has an ergonomic trigger which acts as a guard providing safety.

It is inclusive of 7inch E-Flex, 9inch E-Flex, 9inch E-stiff blades and a wall charger. It boasts of a high-quality EVA case for easy storage and maintenance. This knife is easy to carry, blades also come with an easily removable feature, making cleaning quick and easy.

It also features a LED battery life indicator to keep the knife functional. This one is certainly a game changer and one of the finest American Outdoor Brands. The fine material of this knife keeps it rust-free.


  • Designed uniquely by exceptional engineers.

  • Has a non-slip grip ergonomic handle.

  • Made of premium quality material which keeps it corrosion free.

  • Comes with a dual-rivet blade.

  • Easy to use and comes in an EVA storage case.


  • Blades seem dull, and hard to use.

  • Batteries die fast sometimes.


The Rapala battery operated fillet knife can make any toughest filleting or cutting with ease. It has two removable rechargeable batteries which keep it powered for the task completion. The batteries can be charged one by one for endless work, like a supper preparation in one go.

It has stainless steel blades of 6 inch and 7 ½ inch are included. It has a relaxed grip body, and possesses a red-light button that gives indication of charge. The grey button should face the back of the base charger, to ensure the correct charging position.

This amazing fillet knife comes with advanced air flow design, an AC battery charger. In case of any problems the user manual can be referred to. It can be safely placed in a blow molded plastic case.

The blades are durable and made of quality stainless steel. The advanced heat-up air flow handle prevents heat build-up. The premium motor gives a long life to the knife. It is a multipurpose one which is sufficient for your chores. The blade release buttons make cleaning and maintenance easier.


  • It comes with a relaxed grip body.

  • This one possesses dual rechargeable battery packs, AC battery charger.

  • It has an advanced air flow design.

  • A knife which makes toughest filleting or cutting possible.

  • The blades are durable and come in a molded plastic case.


  • The power switch is a little awkward.

  • Blade release buttons are problematic sometimes.


The American angler is a professional knife which makes the toughest filleting in an easy way. It possesses 2X torque power to give you continuous tough filleting without any slowdown.

This one is a heavy-duty fillet knife with superior drive train components. This PRO Series has a great life span. You can do filleting with great comfort, as the advanced airflow design keeps this PRO series cool, and the ergonomic handle gives enough support.

The new 110 V American angler is suited one and compatible including the 8 “curved replacement blade and shark blade curved replacement. It is the first choice of commercial fisherman and guide services. It has a 2-year warranty.

This is a perfect one to fillet your catch aa performs exceptionally well. The set includes five blades, an easy to wear glove with a carry bag for safe storage and transport. The knives and blades are sharp enough to give good produce for a long time.


  • An excellent knife which are designed to fillet with perfection, even the big boned fish.

  • Comes with a powerful and consistent motor.

  • It comes in a five-blade kit, and you can choose depending on your task.

  • Comes with a glove adding more comfort.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • It boasts of more torque than any other.


  • The ergonomic handle could have been better.

  • The blades are extremely sharp, and the knife has to be used carefully.

Crucial things to be kept in mind before investing in the Best Filleting Knife:

If you want to perform the following three major tasks with the fish such as:

  • Filleting

  • Skinning

  • De-boning

The blade you use should be thin, strong, and flexible enough to separate the meat from the bone and cut through them without making any wastage.


rechargeable filet knife

This whole process could be quite messy and may make you come across certain dangers as a chef. There may be times when wielding an extremely sharp blade may affect the chef’s control and turn out to be a bit risky. Thus, choosing the right handle becomes extremely important.


  • Grip Likely to become slippery.

  • Smell The wooden handles of low quality may immerse the smell of fish overtime.

  • Color Coding These are difficult color code.


  • Grip Turning slippery is an issue, but less than the wooden ones.

  • Smell They may retain some odors in the seams, but much less than the wooden ones.

  • Color Coding If used only for raw fish, then they can be manufactured in varied colors.


  • Grip Ensures a firm grip with the least chances of slipping.

  • Smell There are chances of some retention of smell but without seams they are easier to clean.

  • Color Coding Like that of the plastic ones, the same rule applies for rubber too. Many colors but only for raw fish.

Pitted Metal

  • Grip The pitted surface enables a strong grip, but not as secure as the rubber ones.

  • Smell No odor is possessed by these and truly easy to clean.

  • Color Coding Less chances that you will find them with color coding.

battery fillet knife

Price Guides

The different knives come with different price ranges. The longer knives may cost you around £100, while £20 may be the cost of a decent filleting knife.

Number of brands are doing great in the market like Shun, Wusthof, Kai, and Victorinox etc. For routine purposes you can go for knives that are of good quality and reasonably priced. You can for a single knife or a knife set as per your need and requirement.

Some Expert Tips

For removing the pin bones and from the fish, you should invest in a good quality pair of fish tweezers and for removing the fins use scissors.

The fillet knives are available in different sizes from 10cm – 23 cm. The type of size you will need will be dictated by the type of fish you will fillet. If the fish you are going to cook is large like the Salmon, then a knife with a longer blade will be required. But a blade of standard size-20 cm will be able to fillet an average-sized fish.

These types of knives are suitable for both saltwater fish and freshwater fish alike. Normally the fillet knives aren’t used for sushi preparation. For this either sushi or sashimi, knives are used.

rapala lithium ion cordless fillet knife

The competency of filleting fish is pursued by most of the chef’s world over in their early career. But the more expertise is developed by the ones who practice more. There are numerous types of fish available and that makes you get out of the habit of cooking and filleting a particular type of fish.

Just refresh your filleting knowledge with some handy aspects.

electric fillet knife reviews

Sharpening a filleting Knife

These knives are designed with a flexible blade and an unusual shape. The three common methods that are used to sharpen a filleting knife are similar to that of sharpening any kitchen knife.

  • Tabletop sharpener

  • Whet stone

  • Grinding wheel

Furthermore, the filleting knives that are delicate may end up losing a lot of their material, when sharpened with a tabletop sharpener. As the tabletop and grinding wheel have the tendency to take off a lot of material while sharpening. This may considerably affect the lifespan and durability of the knife you have.

The recommendation goes for a whetstone instead, and this will allow more control while you sharpen. And you will tend to lose less material from the blade itself.

Some steels can be used for dual purposes, honing and sharpening both. Sometimes it becomes difficult to accomplish the level of sharpness that may be required for fish filleting.

Some Filleting facts

If you want to keep the fish fresher for longer, then removing gills is important, as these are a breeding ground of bacteria.

In case you don’t know, there are no pin bones present in the fillets of a flatfish.

Generally, the fish filleting knives are of two types: Scandinavian style and Japanese style.

1. Scandinavian Style— These have flexible blades with a mild curve and pointed ends. Both the blade sides are ground and the length may differ.

2. Japanese Style – These are long knives with an even-width blade that end with a curve of 45%. Though, a bit less flexible but are very sharp as they feature grind on one side specifically.

As the years have passed the knife makers have made efforts to amalgamate the two styles in order create a hybrid style that includes the components of both.

Even a good pair of kitchen scissors can be used to achieve simple jobs like gutting small fish, removing fins, opening up lobsters, sectioning squid, removing fins, or more. They can be performed with a filleting knife too but a pair of kitchen scissors will be sufficient.

The intact skeleton needs to be pulled away softly whole spatchcocking (removing of fish bones). The cutting-of of portions of flesh isn’t required then and the smaller fish such as the sardines can be tackled with this type of technique.



Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife is the most preferred knife for cutting your regular stuff such as meat, vegetables, and more. Its blade is capable of handling both saltwater and freshwater fish.


Yes, an electric knife is capable enough to cut raw meat, fruits, hard vegetables, or poultry items. It all depends upon the speed and quality of the electric knife that you own.


The best rechargeable fillet knife would be different for different people based on their requirements. However, Berkley Fillet Knife it the best in terms of quality and is also affordable.


Some people believe that an electric knife cannot be sharpened, or indeed, doesn’t need to be. Though, electric fillet knives stay sharp for long, but even if it gets blunt, it could be sharpened.


Even though it is possible to cut through bones with an electric fillet knife. But all this needs to be done very carefully as the blade could get damage if it hits the bone.

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