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Skif Knives Review

The knives that are modern, designed with perfection and exhibit the best quality that is delivered by the company are the ‘SKIF’ knife. When you have quality in hand that is none other than a SKIF knife. While their construction they undergo quality standards that are strict and are followed at every stage of production. You can choose from a myriad of ‘SKIF’ knives, that completely adheres to your requirements. Few of the features that make them stand out of the crowd are discussed here in the article.

About The Company

The SKIF knives came into existence in the year 2012 from the Ukraine. These knives have been manufactured by the company to meet every day wear and a range of knives have been designed keeping the heavy-duty applications in mind. This all has been done by the specialists of the ‘ibis’ company. After studying about the aspirations of the knife users, these knives have been designed with the latest technological creativity and innovation. The company is having all the sources and resources of equipment for manufacturing these quality knives for you. Let’s discuss more:



 The SKIF Adventure 424 knife is a rugged knife and has a foldable feature. This knife is manufactured in the Ukraine and is equipped with G-10 grips, the edges of the blade are stone washed. This multi-functional knife features a double grip handle and is constructed with premium quality steel. The hardness is 56-58 and the steel grade is 8Cr13MoV. If you are searching for a knife for everyday purposes then this a great knife that can be used as a utility knife, for any survival mission, or if you are out in the woods. The knife is affordable to purchase. The frame lock is also heavy duty and the built is such that it will surely last long.

The Pros

  A high quality, rugged and an affordable knife

  This can be used for multi-functional purposes

  Constructed with premium quality steel

The Cons

o        Has some sharpening issues




The SKIF aggressor is a knife that works excellently for hunting purposes. The blade edge is 4 mm thick and is a fixed blade knife. They have a strong control and are very stable as come with finger grooves and a thumb ramp. The length of this knife is 9.4 inches and the length of blade is 4.7 inches. This knife can easily be used for everyday use and has a 56-58 steel hardness. A knife which speaks of quality and can be used for any survival missions and woods. A knife that shouldn’t be missed.

The Pros

  Works perfectly for hunting

  Has strong control and stability

  Can be used for EDC

The Cons

o        Might get rusted


 A rugged knife with a G-10 handle (black) and the blade is stone washed featuring a plain edge. Again, a quality knife from the Ukraine that will give you complete satisfaction. The grip of the knife is reliable, the steel hardness (56-58), and the blade is 3.9 inch. This knife can be folded with ease and the frame lock is also durable. The Bulldog folder has amazing cutting power, strength and anti-rusting properties. You can use it as a utility knife, in the woods and also for defense purposes. The knife handle provides a grip that’s promising. You can buy this knife without any doubts.

 The Pros

  A rugged knife with a folding feature

  Features durable frame lock

  Strong and has anti-corrosion properties

  Offers a reliable grip

              The Cons

o        Has some sharpening issues

The Best Feature Of These Knives – Choosing The Best

  • Stylish and Well Built

These knives are modern day knives and are made with the latest technology. The company offers great value and quality knife at a great price. They are robust, durable and reliable to use. You can use them as a utility knife, defense purposes, in the woods and for survival missions. Once you hold them in hand immense confidence rushes in your blood stream.

The Folding Feature And Smooth Opening

The SKIF knife, most of them come with a folding feature and with a smooth opening. You can use them with ease and keep in a folding pattern when not in use. It makes you keep all your worries away of getting the knife open accidentally. The closing mechanism of the knife and the opening patterns are made after a lot of quality testing. These are absolutely safe to use.

  • A Comfortable Grip and strong handle

The finger grooves and the thumb ramp help in providing a strong, stable and a comfortable grip. For the peak performance of the knife you cannot sacrifice a good grip. The grip has to be comfy though. The G-10 handles are quite strong to use in any situation and the frame lock feature also keeps it intact.

  • Multi-functional quality

The knife can be easily used for varied purposes from cutting, hunting to varied survival missions. The knife exhibits quality and performance.

  • The Stellar Performance

When we talk about the performance, it should be such that can just cut paper without snagging and also be able to cut hard surfaces, card board, tough bases and more. Just look out for a knife with the best features that can be of great help in emergency situations too.

  • The Blade Length And Steel Hardness

The length of a blade is another important feature that you cannot overlook. The length should be compact and the steel hardness between 56-58 is ideal for such a knife. The length of 3 inches and more is sufficient. They should also have anti-corrosion properties for longevity.

  • The Price Range

Most of the SKIF knives available in the market come at an affordable price. A lot of choices from where you can choose your type.

The Wrap Up

After going through this article, you can easily find out that SKIF knives are just amazing and can be used as EDC (everyday carry) by you. If you are thinking of visiting woods for some hunting or going on a mission just take one of these and be relaxed.