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The Sharpest Blade In The World

sharpest blade

While it’s true that most of us have no use for the sharpest knife in the world, it makes a beautiful addition to any collector. Maybe some collectors already have the sharpest one on the planet but are unaware of the fact. Either way, there could be any reason behind wanting to know about the sharpest blade in the world.

Finding a razor-edged knife in the market may not be the most straightforward feat, but it is not unachievable either.

While the incredibly sharp blade may not be the practical purchase for a significant chunk of the population, because the right tools will help you sharpen your knife anyway, others are passionate collectors and might like to find out what they want to buy next.

So what do you think makes for the sharpest knife in the world?

Typical answers are likely to include ‘steel.’ But that may not necessarily be the best.

The sharpest knife in the world is most likely made of obsidian, which gives it a razor-edge. Size plays a huge role here. The thin obsidian blades (think only three nano-meters!) are ten times sharper than other blades.

Making obsidian knives involves flaking off a slim and long sliver from the obsidian stone’s core –also known as volcanic glass. This knowledge is fascinating. It has been tested for surgical needs.

Although, as of yet, there hasn’t been any license to use this stone on humans, due to the potential damage its fragments could leave. However, you can find obsidian blades as hunting knives.

The first obsidian blades came into use twenty-five hundred years ago by the Mayan Indians. The sharpness of an obsidian blade differs monstrously from the sharpness of a steel blade.

The obsidian fractures down into a single atom, with a five hundred times sharper cutting edge compared to the sharpest steel blade. Another difference between a steel blade and an obsidian blade is that upon observing under high magnification, the latter continues to appear smooth.

In contrast, the former seems to have a saw-like edge.

Why Don’t We Use Obsidian Blades In The Kitchen?

It’s unsurprising if this question popped up in your head. If obsidian knives are so sharp and perfect, why don’t we bring them for our kitchen? As you must have guessed, there’s a catch. Obsidian knives are known to be too delicate, and thus they’ll break easily.

Such a brittle knife doesn’t work well in the kitchen, where you’ll be in continuous need of it. It’s very sharp, but it’s not hard like a diamond. That is why obsidian knives are generally only used for carrying out medical procedures.

In situations and medical scenarios where there’s a lack of laser surgery, the precise cutting of an obsidian knife is invaluable. You may have also seen or heard about obsidian weapons and artwork.

sharpest blade ever

While they’re certainly more useful than diamonds when it comes to macro-scale use, they need their unique techniques. It may not help you in the kitchen, but you can try your hand on it if you have a farm.

Obsidian razor knives can be used for careful work like shearing sheep, shaving, and pruning thin branches. But it’s not going to give you the best result.

Since they are bound to crack here too, their lack of durability is mostly a disadvantage outside the hospital. As a collector, however, you can try adding it to your set.

If you’re looking for a practical alternative, it’s laminated steel.

Ultimatedge Liquidiamond Edge Knife

Even more fascinating is the Ultimatedge Liquidiamond Edge Knife, potentially the sharpest knife in the world. However, it is still very new and was in the funding and developing stage for the recent past.

Featuring a patented liquid diamond edge, the credit for creating the metal alloy goes to Cal-tech and NASA. There is no public information about the metal mixture.

But whatever it is, the rights lie with the company UltimateEdge, which has been working on this knife for so long.

sharpest blade in the world

The makers of this knife claim that it’s the sharpest, strongest, and the most durable knife globally. It’s also being said that this knife will last ten times longer than the other blades.

In addition to the metal alloy matrix developed by NASA and Cal-Tech, it also has Diamond-Like Carbon. For producing the cutting edge, the makers have combined it with tungsten. With double the strength of titanium, the license for using this patented alloy rests solely with the Ultimatedge Knife.


Since the sharpest blade in the world may not exactly be helpful to you for making a simple sandwich, it’s an important point to consider why you want it. You can sharpen your kitchen knife, or get it sharpened by a sharpening agency.

Unless you’re a collector –in that case, obsidian blades serve their purpose with their rareness. But if you’re looking for the sharpest edge to use it outdoors, you can go ahead and be one of the earliest users of the recently launched Ultimatedge Knife.