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Professional throwing knives

knife throwing lessons

Throwing knives have gained momentum since ancient times, and they offer varied throwing styles too. Whether for entertainment purposes, training, or trying out combat skills, these are actually perfect for many tasks.

We are discussing about some of the best professional throwing knives here, as these are produced by some of the world’s most popular weapon makers.

Maintaining the correct flow and the right balance while throwing these knives, you will have adequate fun and will be able to fulfil your desires of being a master knife fighter.

After enough practical research and reviews of the customers we have categorised the knives on the basis of premium quality, professional’s favorite, budget-friendly, and no-spin knife.

The different types of knives (later discussed in this section), along with a comprehensive buying guide will also prove of great help for you.

3 Professional Throwing Knives: A QUICK COMPARISON


competition throwing knives

  • 12-piece knife set

  • Easy and safest transport

  • Well balanced every time


real throwing knives

  • Pretty sharp

  • Great quality

  • Most Compact


throwing knives

  • Highly Durable

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Comfortable handle

Premium Quality Pro-Throw Knife

Tactical throwing knives with an even balance, unusual design, dual-edge spear point, makes these knives special. Certainly, a premium choice for professionals and beginners too.

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

throwing knives

1.SMITH & WESSON Throwing Knives

Appreciable Attributes

  • A brand that has gained much popularity as the world-famous weapon makers. These knives are also designed brilliantly.

  • They are light in weight and sturdy too. An amazing tool for self-defence that one can conceal.

  • Comes with a waterproof nylon belt-sheath.

  • Great tactical knives for throwing and covering any range.

  • A set of knives that is quite robust and durable.

  • They feature dual-edge spear points.

  • These well-balanced knives leave you with adequate confidence.

This is a wonderful set of knives and the company boasts of their awesome products. The knives are perfect for self-defense and constructed with stainless steel. There are least chances of the blade getting bend or chipped even if it hits rock-hard surfaces.

These knives are not only sturdy, but feature and effective double-sided design. The weatherproof nylon sheath helps it easier to use for winter practice also. Weight is not an issue at all, as these knives are light, if you are holding six also.

The knives are made from quality materials and these are certainly the love of the professionals with their unusual designs and ergonomically enhanced engravings. The manufacturer’s logo is enhanced and engraved and that reflects the prestige of the company.

The durability make sit possible for you to use it for years while maintaining its shiny and elegant appearance. The stainless-steel used to make these are well-defined and rust-proof.

The product length is 8 inches with an individual weight of 4.7 ounces and an overall weight of 1 lb 12.2 ounces. The blade comes with a reliable construction -2Cr13 S.S. a limited life-time warranty is attached with the product.


  • Some of the customers complained regarding the quality related issues.

Best Budget-Friendly Pro-Throw Knife

These knives are stylish and brilliant for the experts to use. If you are hunting for some great knives that retain their shine and strength, then probably these are the best in this category. You will get great knives at an affordable price.

     ★ Best Value ★       

real throwing knives

2. Avias Knife Supply 6.5" Throwing Knife

Appreciable Attributes

  • The experts and the beginners alike can benefit from these knives.

  • They are protected from wear and tear from outside elements with a durable nylon sheath.

  • They are a great option for self-defense.

  • Spinning of these knives is fast and they sink on the target.

  • These knives possess a great tensile strength and enable successful throws on hard-surfaces.

  • If you are aiming at some near distance throws then they work amazingly.

This is another great set of professional throwing knife which are constructed with stainless steel materials and come with an affordable price tag. These can be put in the list of fantasy knives and these appear attractive with their aesthetic design and rainbow-coatings.

The knives measure 6.5 inches and you can use this for hunting games, and self-defense. These outdoor knives come with a nylon sheath that includes a fabric sheath with a belt loop (Velcro closure) which facilitates firm hold of these high-end weapons.

Easy concealment is offered by these knives and they spin fast and sink on the target. You can easily apply a panic throw with this super-sharp weapon. A sturdy knife with the toughest stainless-steel with great ductile strength.

The handle comes with a wrapped-cord that makes it look appealing. If you want a well-balanced model that lasts with shine for long then this is certainly a good one to invest in.


  • According to some this is more of a decorative knife.

  • The cord-wrapped handle is prone to wear and tear.

Finest No Spin Throwing Knife

This is again a matter of personal choices and preferences. If you want to own a knife that hits straight in the target or say the bull’s eye, then these are the ones you will love to add to your collection.

     ★ Best Overall ★       

competition throwing knives

3. Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife

Appreciable Attributes

  • This is a wonderful 12-piece throwing knife set and it provides a well-balanced throw every time.

  • Six knives are silver stainless-steel throwers and the others are black stain-less throwers.

  • For easy carry and safe transport, they include a black nylon sheath.

  • There is a lanyard hole in the centre.

  • Knives that are designed with well-balanced craftsmanship.

  • The knife measures 8-1/2 inches overall.

The knife set features knives with silver and black blades and steel handles. Each knife measures 8-1/2 inches overall. Whenever you use these knives you get a balanced throw every time.

This features a ballistic black nylon sheath for safe and easy transport. This is an extensive set with a myriad of knives that feature lanyard hole in their handles. If you are a sport enthusiast then these knives are perfect to throw and exhibit your talent.

This comes with a 2mm blade thickness and there are least chances of bouncing off the targets when you practice or perform. These are brilliant for hunting, camping, and self-defence.

They come in a concealed size and can be used for other outdoor purposes also. They enhance the no-spin technique and if you want to flip it then it won’t spin. This depends on your choice or preference, the type of quality or technique you want to see in your throwing knife.


  • As reviewed by some the knife metal chips easily.

The Professional’s Favorite

This knife is only for professionals, and these are not centrally balanced or ergonomically designed. If you love some serious knife throwing as a hobby or otherwise, and keen to collect the knives, then this is a good choice.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

tactical throwing knives

4. United Cutlery Gil Hibben Thrower

Appreciable Attributes

  • The Gill Hibben is made of exceptional, high-grade stainless-steel.

  • A perfect knife for long throws.

  • Allows slow, lazy spin techniques at targets.

  • Features protective leather sheath with three compartments.

  • Length of a knife is 8.5 inches and weighs 13 oz.

  • The metal type is 420-grade stainless steel.

  • They are priced up to 90% less much less than the other brand goods.

A knife that is made with exceptional quality and ideal for competitions. They are crafted with handles that are unusual and easy to grip and hold. These are high-quality knives and crafted with a single-forged 420-grade stainless steel that creates a well-balanced throwing knife.

These knives feature shiny forged metal which is rust-proof and beveled on both sides. They are ergonomically enhanced and the silver handle comes with a standard hammer-grip. This is designed uniquely with seven round laser cut-outs present between the handle and the blade.

A knife which is perfect for long throws and that too with great precision. One you use them, you yourself can find out that these knives provide maximum consistency and accuracy while throwing. This knife is specially for experts and professionals and beginners will find difficulty in using them.


  • Some people complained that the knife bent after throwing.

  • Quality related issues as mentioned by some.

The Three Different Types Of Throwing Knives

Before you choose the best knife for yourself, the types of knife should be known to you. Furthermore, you must have heard about shuriken and tomahawk, the striking tools. We have for you here, three basic types of throwing knives.

throwing knife set

1. Blade-heavy Throwing Knives

As the name explains itself a blade-heavy throwing knife has more weight entrusted in the blade as compared with the handle. Though these types of knives work well for beginners for easy and quick learning, throwing from the hammer technique.

You might be thinking that the heaviest one is being thrown at the initial stages, and the handle is to be gripped before throwing. But they actually work great for training purposes.

combat knife throwing

2. Handle-Heavy Throwing Knife

The maximum weight of the knife is in the handle and while throwing the handle goes out first.

The end of the knife blade is supposed to be held by the thrower, so the experts or professionals should use them and not the novices.

This type of knife handling and throwing is tricky and the skill takes time to adapt by the fresh learners.

cool throwing knives

3. Balanced Throwing Knife

Since the weight distribution of the previous knives is uneven so they come under the category of unbalanced knives.

On the other hand, the knives which have the center of gravity in the middle are the balanced knives.

These are flexible and offer rotations that are predictable. The professionals find it convenient to use these types of knives.

What All To Look For Before Buying The Best Professional Throwing Knives?

Length And Weight

The knives are crafted with immense detail and it is ensured that the weight propels a longer throwing knife, to act wonderfully in order to provide consistent penetrating power.

There should be a perfect balance between the weight and length of a knife. Before you pursue your shopping of knives, considering this is essential.

The knives that are longer are heavier and the shorter ones are good for spinning tasks.

japanese throwing knives


For throwing knives the sharpness points matter a lot in place of the edges. The tip penetrates (targets and hangs on the surface) and it is supposed to possess a super-sharp point. Basically, these knives aren’t meant for cutting or chopping but piercing more. So, you will find the edges dull and the tips sturdier.


The most commonly used material for constructing knives is the stainless steel (forged metals). Throwing knives need to be stronger and the metal might bend or chip when they hit the targets (board).


Be alert while your training sessions and after developing the requisite skills it will be easier for you to handle them.

Before you invest in a knife, ensure that it is comfortable for you to hold for safety reasons. It is not just a layman’s task; the throwing of knives requires requisite technique and skill.

The beginners or novices should be careful while handling or performing with these knives, though the aggressive ones are prone to risk. The side of the knife should be held with the fingers and not the blade edge.

balanced throwing knives

Knife Handles

The concept of centre of gravity is all that works while you throw knives and this can screw your throwing technique of you don’t understand this. The proper handling helps in gauging the spins and the knife holding is the kind of style of the grip.

The knife throwers don’t always hold the knife with the handles, and this should not be confused with the style of grip. Some of the knives have the same handle as that of the blade. There are:

  • Wooden Handles – They come with risks of cracks and the weight also increases.

  • Cord Covered Grips ­­– They look wonderful but aren’t weather-proof.

  • Plastic Or Rubber Handles –These are the low-end knives and are produced at low costs.

  • Custom Handles – These are the best and made with stylish cuts, decorations, engravings. They are one of those rare collections available.


This is simple science that the knife which is crafted with a single metal sheet with streamlined blades shows much resistance to air and flies well. Any uneven weigh distribution or protrusions don’t help in making the knife fly well. It is desired by every knife thrower to hit the bull’s eye. Slim designs tend to boost the aerodynamic factor of a professional throwing knife.

The Final Verdict

In the last we wish and hope that the entire review which we have done is up to your expectations. Choosing a knife would be easier and but we advise you to go through the details such as weight, length, sharpness, quality, and other potent factors before you choose one for your precious collection.

The brands discussed above can be relied upon by you as these are some of the best and the finest on the list. You can pick a one that fits into your style and type!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should The Professional Throwing Knives Be Sharp?

Ans 1. For a good professional throwing knife, they should be balanced at the center. The blade tip needs to be sharp for good penetration on the target and the edges should be dull. The thrower has to hold the knife from the edges and these are not for cutting or chopping, so they should be dull and not sharp.

Q2. Can Any Knife Be Used For Throwing Purposes?

Ans 2. If you have a knife with a semi-sharp point and less weight then you could use it for throwing. But our personal recommendation is that, go for a knife that is designed for throwing only as many different techniques are required while you throw knives. As the grip of a knife is also different when it comes to throwing them for various tasks.