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The Best Professional Kitchen Knives For 2021

Complete your kitchen with the right chef tool!

A versatile and multi-tasker knife is the primary tool of a professional chef. A high-quality knife is not only the extension of a chef’s hand but is also something that ensures optimal and valued output when it comes to professional and skilled cutting and chopping.

The pro chefs and the home cooks should not hesitate to choose and investing in a perfect knife. So many options and brands may confuse you, but we have brought the best products from where you can pick and decide. The feel, the ultimate cutting experience, the confidence is what the best knives bring to a chef when he is on his go.

We have categorized the knives and knife set according to the entry-level, mid-level, high-end, and custom-made usage by chefs. These quality knives will prove of great worth and utility when perfection and brilliance, along with the minimal timeline, are required while preparing a variety of cuisine.

1. Perfect Knife for Entry Level Chefs

For beginner professional chefs who have less experience for kitchen cutlery care the appropriate knife sets are available under 200 dollars to around 75 dollars. In the process of learning the knife care, Victorinox is supposed to be the best among all. The pro cooks and home cooks, both can use these knifes with ease. Two more strong contenders in this category are Mercer and Hampton Forge. The cooks should be able to take care by placing them in a dishwasher.

A. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Knife Set – 4-Piece

Victorinox, the name itself is sufficient because of its unmatchable quality and high- performance knives. a global brand which specializes in many different types of knives that are designed to fit into the needs of home chefs and professionals both. The set includes a chef, bread, paring and chopping knife. The knife is crafted with perfection using stainless steel of high carbon with a conical ground and ice tempered to ensure sharpness that lasts long.

Swiss Army Cutlery Knife

Made of high-quality European steel, the knife is designed with a bolster-less edge for easy sharpening, slicing, dicing, mincing, and more. These knives just cover everything which you want to cut. The ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle is textured for a non-slip grip and you can use them while they are wet. You can handle them with ease, as they are made with a perfect weight balance. This meets the standards for public health protection, by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). A renowned brand that offers a lifetime commitment and that isn’t easy. Also, see: Is it illegal to carry a swiss army knife?


  1. The set includes 8″ chef knife, 10.25″ bread knife, 6″ utility knife, 4″ paring knife
  2. A perfect set for chefs and professionals
  3. Constructed with high-quality and lightweight European steel
  4. Brilliant knives for shredding, slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing
  5. The curved blade helps in effortless chopping and mincing
  6. For slicing through hard-skinned items, the flat spine helps
  7. These are dishwasher safe and approved by NSF


  1. The set isn’t proper

B. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife Block Set – 6 Piece

The Mercer Culinary can rightly be called the workhorse of the kitchen which offers utmost comfort and convenience. This doesn’t get effected if your hands are wet and also withstands cold and hot temperatures without breaking down. Non-stain German steel with high carbon is used for the construction of these knives. X50 Cr Mo V15 is a cutlery steel set which resists corrosion, rust and discoloration.

Forged Knife

A full-tang sharp knife that runs the entire length of the handle and provides superior balance. It is a precision forged construction for better durability and strength. The tapered-ground edge allows stability, honing, long lasting sharpness, and increased efficiency when you cut and chop. The 6-piece knife block set comes with a limited life-time warranty. a high-quality knife which can be used by professionals and food enthusiasts both with ease and convenience. Interested in Mercer? Make sure to check all of our Mercer knife reviews>>>


  1. This features an ergonomic Santoprene handle which offers comfy and non-slip grip
  2. Constructed with high-carbon, no-stain German steel
  3. A precision forged construction for better durability and strength
  4. A perfect knife set which provides easy honing, long-lasting sharpness and an increased efficiency
  5. Comes with a limited life-time warranty
  6. NSF certified knives, a balanced combination of quality, safety and performance


  1. May get rusted with use

2. Perfect knife set for Mid-Level chefs

A bit of up-gradation comes when you are mid-level chef and the amount can be spent between 75 and 200 dollars. The knife with a solid handle, a good quality blade, which has the ability to hold the edge and delivers some quality-production. The commonly used ones in this category are the Wusthof and Henckels. Talking about the Japanese knife brands then Shun for paring and MAC also prove great. They have more harder steel and fragile blades. Much more maintenance is required at this level when it comes to routine usage for professional purposes and sharpening.

A. Shun Premier 7-Piece Essential Block Set

Great set of knives from Japan, which come decently fitted in a bamboo knife block. This 11-slot block makes a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Undoubtedly, this Premier series knife look gorgeous in the kitchen and add much charm. The set includes a Paring Knife for peeling and coring with precision, for medium-sized tasks such as trimming veggies a utility knife of 6.5 inches, for full range the Chef’s knife, and a 9-inch one serrated bread knife.

Shun Premier 8-inch Chef’s Knife

The knives ensure durable and reliable cutting and are made of VG-MAX super steel. The Damascus cladding adds beauty and provides stain resistance and feature a double-bevel edge of 16-degree while the bread knife is of single-bevel. All the beautiful knives come with a “tsuchime” finish and looks distinctive and functional. Each and every indentation of the knife acts as a hollow-ground which reduces drag and releases food more easily. The combination honing steel helps in maintaining razor-sharp edges which extend time between sharpening. SHUN makes a number of good knives. SHUN makes a number of good knives. If you’re interested, check out more in our SHUN reviews>>>


  1. A glamorous essential block set which adds aesthetic to any kitchen
  2. This includes a paring knife of 4-inch, utility knife of 6.5-inch, chef’s knife of 8-inch and a serrated bread knife of 9-inch
  3. Handcrafted in Japan which gives quality performance
  4. A perfect combination of beauty and performance
  5. It includes a combination honing steel to maintain razor-sharp edges
  6. Comes with a limited life-time warranty


  1. The knife tip may break

3. Perfect High-end knives for chefs

These are the knives with high-edge retention, sharper, stronger, and thicker which provide out of the box performance. It takes practice and expertise to handle knives at this level. If you are looking for some handwork, hand-sharpened blades and semi-custom handles then these knives work great and stay sharper for a long time. Be it the German or the Japanese knives these knives which are made of high-quality steel perform brilliantly. You can get a single chef knife for 200 to 300 dollars. The knives in this category are Wusthof (German), Zwilling knife by J.A. Henckels and Shun (Japanese).

A. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Four Star 3-pc – Starter Set

A 3-piece starter set which is manufactured from a company more than 30 years ago. The top-quality knives of Zwilling J.A. Henckels has revolutionized the world. This all could be possible by their seamless synthetic handle, ergonomics, safety, comfort and a master piece in every sense. They are constructed with some high-quality steel, and the special formula focusses on providing an optimum balance of carbon content and chromium. They are ice-hardened to provide unmatchable quality and durability.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels

FRIODUR possess cutting qualities which are exceptional, corrosion-resistant and flexible. This is equipped with a bolster which provides the right balance and acts as a guard for your fingers, preventing slips. For impeccable geometry they are a one-piece construction. The best cutting properties and accurate grinding are provided by these knives. These Precision SIGMAFORCE knives are precision forged and easy to handle with a seamless transition.


  1. These knives are safety in a proven design
  2. The FRIDOUR branded knives have been ice-hardened for enhancing quality
  3. They come with a chef, paring and utility knife
  4. SIGMAFORCE blades are precision forged
  5. They are corrosion-resistant and flexible


  1. They tend to get rusted and chipped

B. Wusthof 8347-33 Classic IKON Seven Walnut Block 7-Piece German Precision

This 5. Wusthof 8347-33 is full-tang and 7-piece knife set. The knives feature a triple riveted synthetic polypropylene handles which show resistance to any kind of heat, impact, discoloration and fading. The Classic Ikon Series look beautiful, are sleek, have a double-bolster, decent black handle which provide exceptional balance along with an ultimate cutting experience.

Wusthof Forged Kitchen Knife

These knives are forged with a single piece of Tempered High Carbon stainless steel which boasts of quality and resist any type of corrosion and stains. These have 20% higher edge retention than the previous models as made with precision edge technology. The complete set includes a paring knife 3 ½”, utility knife 6″, bread knife 8″, cook’s knife 8″, steel 9″ along with come-apart kitchen shears. The Walnut block has 15 slots. A company which is about 200 years old, founded in Solingen, Germany, and a brand which doesn’t require any kind of introduction. They cater to the strictest quality standards. Interested in WUSTHOF? Make sure to check all of our WUSTHOF Knives


  1. A 7-piece knife set which provides exceptional balance with ultimate cutting experience
  2. The knives are forged with a single piece of tempered high carbon stainless steel
  3. These are crafted with perfection to resist corrosion and dulling
  4. A renowned brand with its patronage over 200 years
  5. The products meet the strict quality standards


  1. The block isn’t satisfactory

Custom-Made Knives

If you had been looking for something special then these knives are something unique and different. According to Marr (Bladesmith) these knives can give you some exotic feel. If seeking for some specific features then you will have to get it from a bladesmith and that may cost you around 300 dollars to some five figures. It isn’t necessary that this knife will be better of than other brands, but is the one you surely wanted since long. You wanted this kind of a knife to be a part of your collection, and for some special tasks. Some of the top bladesmiths are Devin Thomas, Bob Kramer, Devin Thomas, Shigefusa and more.

Consider The Following When Looking For A Perfect Professional Kitchen Knife

Ordering the best chef knife can turn tricky sometimes and it also involves the need to touch and feel them. Let us see further what all is important. A few key things which should be thoroughly checked and considered before you invest in the best professional knife are as follows:


All knives have a different construction, and the handles with which the blade is attached also vary. Different materials such as plastic, metal, wood or wood composites are used for a knife’s construction. They effect the weight of the knife too, along with the overall feel. It is extremely important that you choose a knife which possesses anti-slip quality and ensures a firm grip irrespective of the the fact that your hands are wet.

 Professional Knife Set

The more comfortable is the grip the easier it will be for you to handle any kind of cutting and chopping tasks. A knife which is build with quality will always have a sturdy and durable handle. Get the one which is comfortable to hold and perform. The type of handle affects the price of the knife too.


By tang we mean that the blade runs through the handle and supports the entire knife. A full-tang knife is always preferred as it gives a lot of balance to the construction of the knife. Before you buy just check this important feature to have a balanced knife for doing perfect kitchen chores.


The blade flows in the handle and that is the bolster as to how the knife is made to flow. We can take an example here, as some are angled bolsters while the others are straight. For a more protected and firmer grip the angled bolsters (for novices) prove of great success and a controlled grip is offered by straight bolsters. There are chefs who like to pinch the blade heel and for them straight bolsters are perfect.

Each one of us is different and so are the needs, like the knife which you feel is heavy to hold may be light in weight for the other chef. Same goes with the knife balance also. So, get a one which feels absolutely comfortable and convenient when you hold and just makes you feel it as an extension of your hand. The rule of the thumb is, buy the one which suits your style and brings comfort.

Wrap Up:

We hope that you all liked to read the detailing of the beast pro chef kitchen knives. Now you can invest in the best for valued outcomes while cutting and preparing a variety of foods. These brands are the ultimate ones that will work as your closest buddy while you are performing on your kitchen shelf.
Our favorite pick is the Victorinox, and Wusthof while the others also prove great. Have an excellent cutting experience with the best knives.

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