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Misen Knife Review – High Quality At Low Price!

Misen knife, on its kickstart, becomes the most favorite knife of chefs and passionate cooks. This knife set is the leader in innovation and is produced while considering the needs of professional cooks. It is manufactured by combining the Japanese and western style blades and comes with a versatile design made with premium material. Due to its excel cutting feature, Misen knife set is a great one to buy in a lifetime.

The Best Misen Chef Knife Reviewed

A proper look-back and review have been done for the Misen knife set after its proper use.

Certainly, this knife is an asset to any chef’s kitchen table. This versatile professional kitchen knife excels in various types of cutting techniques.

“A wonderful knife at an affordable price”. 

It is just like any traditional knife but when used doesn’t behave so. This is certainly a knife that a high-end chef would love to use. It is made up of good quality steel. A knife that reaches directly from the producer to the customer then certainly additional costs can be avoided which ultimately benefits the customer. Even the Kickstarter campaign raising over $1 million focused on this aspect of directly bringing the buyer and the seller together.

The knives showcased in the markets are too expensive as a retailer, wholesaler and other prices are so much more are attuned to it. This Misen knife set which comes in $65 and a paring knife with a price tag of just $30, is amazing.



Misen knife is an amazing stainless-steel knife from Japan which is made up of AUS-8 high carbon steel. The knife is brilliantly designed inclusive of vanadium which gives a lot of toughness to the knife and makes it a more durable one. It has a blade length of 8.2 inches / 208 mm, with 15-degree blade angles. 

The sloped bolster gives it a wonderful grip and the thermoplastic handle is quite durable. It has a hybrid blade geometry and a free lifetime sharpening. It is a premium quality knife that is tempered at 58 degrees – 59 degrees Rockwell (higher numbers=harder). 

But sometimes the very high degrees can make the edges of the knife brittle and gives thinness to the edges. The thin edges of the knife can chip at the end of falling and even while using it can give inconvenience. The soft knives must be sharpened often, so a little harder knife is easy to maintain as compared to the much softer one.

Its rust resistance, ease of sharpening and hard-wearing quality gives it an upper edge. Misen knife has a very low maintenance requirement.

Update on 5 Months of Use

I have been using this amazing knife for 5 months. As there are always two sides to a coin, similarly, I am sharing a few points from my personal experience.


The design of the knife is very comfortable to use. I can hold it easily with the handle, and the sloped bolster gives a proper grip which makes chopping, slicing easier and helps in fine shredding of the vegetables of all sorts. It’s a durable one with the least maintenance. I love working with my Misen knife in the kitchen, especially for heavy cutting work.


If we look at the price factor and compare, then various variants are there in the market. Not only the Japanese steel (the pioneers of this knife) but China is also manufacturing at low costs. Since the company is new, less information is available on the net or otherwise. The Kickstarter page does throw some light on this, but not as a whole.

There are some sharpening issues related to the knife which I have faced during these months. Twice I had to hone the knife blade to give perfect produce in 5 months.

Misen Paring Knife

This knife is an addition to my Misen knife set. Here are some of the major positive and negative points that I have experienced with this knife.


It gives me great comfort to cut fruits with this. The construction and design of the knife are like the chef’s knife. We can get it just for $30 which is quite affordable. I am a left-handed person, and I can use this knife easily. Similarly, right-handed people can also use it with comfort.


When I grip the knife to cut, I must use my forefinger while pushing against the back of the knife blade. I would have been more comfortable if a flatter version of the knife is there for utmost comfort. The pressure comes more on the crook of my forefinger which gives a little uneasy sometimes.

Price Point


It’s a basic human trait that our mind thinks of the quality and price of any product together.

Ultimately, I am the one to pay for it and simultaneously use it. It comes with a price tag of $95 (the set of two knives). Since this knife is not a serrated one, we can pair one more serrated one to have a complete drawer for various knife-related chores in the kitchen.

My cousin was shifting to a new place, in a new house and wanted my opinion on buying a new knife set for multipurpose use.

I suggest her to use a Misen knife. And from my experience so far, I have noticed these points considering the use of this knife:

  1. It’s easier for us to work in the kitchen if we possess good quality 3 to 4 knives.
  2. Misen knives are great chopping knife for doing tough chopping on one side and soft one on the other.
  3. It is better to keep the knives safely in a covered place rather than hanging them on wood blocks.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance become easier. I have felt that the dust settles on the handle of the knife if kept exposed in open in routine.
  5. An electric knife sharpener is also something I always recommend for easy sharpening at home despite paying locally to someone.

If the kitchen knives are of good quality, it certainly gives me more satisfaction while doing primary work before cooking chicken curry or a vegetable soup. I am in love with my misen knife set. It is just feedback from my side if the company could provide a little more information online. Although, I am a happy customer.

Happy cooking!