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Mercer Knives Reviews In 2021

Why Mercer Kitchen Knife Is Best For Chef's?

MERCER Chef knife - 6-PIECE SET

For people who are looking for professional quality fillet knives, but do not want to pay a fortune for them the Mercer Cutlery Genesis 6-Piece Knife Set with Tempered-Glass Block is the perfect choice. I have been using these knives in my home and highly recommend them to all of my students in my cooking classes. Included in this set is the glass knife block, a 8 inch bread, 6 inch boning, 5 inch utility, 3 ½ inch paring knife and a 8 inch professional chef knife. These knives are made from a single piece of German Steel and come equipped with black Santoprene handles to provide safety as well as comfort.

mercer culinary genesis


  • No Staining – I have used all of these knives to cut just about everything that you could think of, such as blueberries, strawberries, carrots, etc. All of these listed foods are high staining foods and I have never once had a problem with my knives turning any colors, even if I forget to wash them as soon as I am done using them.
  • Forged German Steel – One thing that makes these knives stand out from other knives is they are forged from a single piece of German Steel. One of the best things about German Steel is that it is high carbon steel. Being forged from a single piece of steel only adds to the strength and durability of these knives.
  • Nonslip Handles – These nonslip handles are made from black Santoprene. I love these nonslip handles for a variety of reasons, but the best two reasons are how comfortable they are to use, but also how safe they are to use. One problem I have had with other knives is after using them for hours is that they hurt my hands, but these ones I have never had a problem with.
  • Easy To Maintain – One of the nice things about these knives is how easy they are to maintain, they are not hard at all to clean. These are one of the few manufacturers that do not claim their knives are dishwasher safe. They tell you from the beginning to only hand wash the knives, which is what anybody should do for a nice set of knives.


  • Glass Storage Block – One thing that I don’t like about this knife set is the glass storage block. One problem with it is that it sits directly up and down, so fitting it underneath my cabinets is difficult, cannot take the knives in and out very easy. However, the storage block can be tipped to allow easier access. The other problem is it gets dusty and dirty inside, so I have to take it apart to clean it at least once a month.
  • No Sharpening Steel – The other problem I found with this knife set is that it doesn’t include sharpening steel, nor does the block have space for one. Over time the edge of the knife needs to be honed to give it that proper alignment, so I purchased separate sharpening steel that I keep inside a drawer.

When I was looking at purchasing these knives I also looked at purchasing the Shun Classic 6-Piece set, which many people also compare to some of the more expensive knives around. One thing that I noticed between these two fillet knife sets is the knife block, the Shun Classic set comes with a bamboo angled knife block, while this set comes with a glass knife block that looks really nice in my modern kitchen. Another difference between these two great sets is the handles of the knives themselves, the Sun Classic knives have wooden handles, which I find harder to use after long periods of time, while the Mercer ones are made from Black Santoprene.

Both of these knife sets are great, but I did finally decide on the Mercer Genesis Collection. One reason I choose this set over the other is because of the modern-looking knife block, but also because of how comfortable the handles are. Not to mention that the Mercer set was less expensive than the Shun Classic set.