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The Kizer Begleiter Review – A Great Knife Indeed

kizer knives review

Kizer is plausibly the pioneer of high-end Chinese knife manufacturers and they import materials from the US and Japan. Probably, I have thought that I am not going to hold something designed by Chris Reeve, like owning a Sebenza. You may be thinking that I am talking quite blunt.

So, That’s Fine!!

I was always fascinated by Kizer. There are few reasons like they collaborate with custom knife-makers to create some of the best knives that are one of its kind and are really putting honest efforts to fight the hatred which prevails among some consumers for the phrase ‘Made in China’.

The Kizer is just like a German for a companion, featuring a thin blade, also a large size blade for a bigger pocket knife comes in different color combinations, and makes an ideal EDC (everyday carry) knife.

For Kizer Begleiter, The V-10 steel is used and the design comes from Azo. I feel motivated to use the knife of this brand as they are into constructing some real superior-quality knives and they possess all the knack for creating clever folders.

You get economy blades with quality and what else is needed?

So here’s the best review of a great knife the KIZER BEGLEITER

The Best About The Kizer:

  • A great knife at a great price.

  • Carry with confidence, these Gentleman looks.

  • A strong and tough build knife.

  • Comfortable and convenient to carry and use.

The Bad About The Kizer:

  • Not a new design.

  • The grip and the pocket clip don’t work well together.

kizer begleiter

Is Kizer Knife Really Worth It?

Our research is widely based and focussed on the knives that possess economic blades. Azo has his expertise in designing the best folding knives. But, doubts always prevail, and the study we wanted was supposed to be in-depth as it is concerned with the knife’s quality.

The knife is cleverly designed and is a ‘high end’ knife. How much is it true? The confirmation we wanted for this before telling you.

The company’s credibility was sure to be known as we can’t dare to tell you something that’s fake or untrue. We have done a survey that is deep and authentic before introducing this knife to you.

Out of the many releases, the Titanium update on the Begleiter was also released. The knife comes with blades in some varied shapes too. We were somehow motivated to know more and more about the Kizer.

kizer knife review

Let’s dive into the knife specifications first:

  • A knife that features compactness, is foldable and light in weight.

  • The overall length of the knife is 8.7”

  • The blade length is 3.58”

  • The blade is made of steel – VG-10

  • A drop-point shaped blade

  • The Blade grind is flat

  • Stainless steel handles with G10 scales

  • Weighs 3.7 ounces

  • Designed by Azo and manufactured in China

Kizer’s outstanding performance

A knife that delivers unbeatable performance. Preferences differ individually, but the Kizer has worked a lot on the blade and its shape. A knife that is slim and accords to the complete size is suitable to cut through almost everything, from veggies to cloth. This is just like a slicer that is out of the box. For the looks and the function of the knife click here.

With the options like the Delica or the Spyderco, the steel used to construct the Kizer is VG-10, and even we appreciate it as the heavy use of the knife doesn’t affect its wear and the anti-corrosion quality is great if kept dry.

The blade maintains its wonderful edge after months of use. The Kizer is an interesting alternative and steel is harder, as sometimes soft steels are also liked by some.

kizer knives

When we took it out of the box and conducted a test on paper, the amazing cuts that are displayed, and not the only paper we tried our hands-on potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and got a huge success. After consistent and continuous use of months. We felt like testing it again and this time the paper test turned out to be a little less as compared to its sharpness.

But still, nothing to worry as a bit of honing and again that razor-sharp cutting edge. This type of wear down was appreciable though. As, after the extreme use also the knife maintained it’s built and strength except for a bit of sharpening, and that’s acceptable.

The Knife’s Ergonomics

This knife is worth appreciation for one more thing and that is a comfortable handle and a convenient folding ability.

The pocket knife that you will love to carry for sure and is natural to hold. Though the pocket clip is a bit uncomfortable sometimes as pushes back in the palm of your hand, that’s meager.

As talked above the knife carries G-10 scales, soft to use, and not an aggressive one. The knife details are a little sloppy with edges that are round and don’t dig at the hand when used.

Unlike the ESEE Zancudo, this one feels quite soft and one just loves to hold this to perform cutting tasks.

A comfortable knife though feels a bit thick in pocket


If a new user of this knife you may feel a bit indifferent while climbing, sitting, or raising legs. For the first time, we were surprised to see the knife’s thickness and were confused about how this will be dealt with. But believe us, the thickness doesn’t affect at all as we used the knife and this is absolutely negligible now. Unnoticeable this is when we carry on a daily basis. As compared to the other folders this one might be a little big but is handy and comfy.

This concealed carrying knife can be opened with utmost smoothness and even more smoothly than the knives which are double its cost. The dual thumb studs (rounded ones), the silkiness, and the amazing built this is a knife that can be held in hand with ease for several minutes. You can just flip it and this doesn’t feel abrasive also. Many, many times we can open and close this knife and this is consistent and never feel that it’s irritating or cumbersome.

The Kizer – A Sturdy Gentleman

This pocket knife is priced like pennies on the dollar, under 100 dollars, can you imagine?

A robust build knife and other features, make it the one that stands out of the crowd. We have used this knife for a long time and the spacing is even, even after so many times of closing and opening. We don’t think anyone would have opened or closed this so much as we did.

It’s like a game now and the blade remains in its same state as has come just out of the box. Here’s its unboxing video. So much flipping still the knife is the same, this is certainly par excellence. The wearing down or stressful, heavy use doesn’t affect the knife or its blade at all. We have actually noticed every detailing in detail just for you.

Rail and locking mechanism – Kizer Begleiter

You will just fall in love with the click that this amazing knife makes when the blade is locked. Sturdy, heavy, and thick, what a perfect combination that gives the ultimate satisfying feel for sure.

We even checked it by dropping a few times, and to our surprise, this one stood steady and still didn’t budge at all. We tried throwing this on the concrete floor too, a few times, it chipped a bit from the back but on a serious note …. the Kizer is simply superb!

best kizer knife review

The pivot screw with bronze washers

The Kizer uses bronze washers for its screws and some people like to modify this by loosening the screws. Some people try this thing of making the screws loose to increase smoothness, but this works negatively as the wearing of the knife may occur as the washers start rotating and tearing when the knife is put to action.

The knife doesn’t need any kind of customization and rather we tried with the blue spacer (around the pivot screw) and that didn’t work out well. The blade drift may happen so it is okay to leave the Kizer as it is when comes out of the box.

The best knife on your budget

The price tag with which it comes has made it more popular among the users and the others in this category seem to be nothing in front of it. We got the first one for 50 dollars and the other may range from 80 to 100 dollars.

A good steal we can say, as you get great quality at a price that’s great too. This may make your happiness double when the thing you buy fits comfortably in your budget.

The pricing of the Begleiter is suitable and be it the critics or the fans of this knife none can deny the money aspect attached to it. Money is one of the key factors, that makes this knife a good one without a doubt.

kizer knife

The unmatchable features that this knife exhibits such as the quality steel, sturdily built, smooth opening and closing, convenience, and most of all its price. We could have gone for some other one if only features were to be matched or compared but the money factor comes in the way. Earlier to this the Zancudo or the Benchmade 940 worked well but now after carrying this one for long, we are kind of use to it.


Especially when talking about the price the 940 is priced at 200 dollars, and that is huge. The Sebenza or ZT 450 is also we can compare with, but the price of this knife certainly gives it an upper edge and we can call this also as the biggest strength of the Kizer.

The Ontario Rat 1 is somewhat similar or close to this knife for sure but the EDC (everyday carry) of the Begleiter is more appealing and comfier though.

A knife at a price with qualities that make it stand apart. Spectacular may not be the right word to quote for this but this is a great one indeed in its own way.

Some quality running from China with this knife is appreciable. You can use it without repenting after investing in it. Go ahead, give this premium knife a try, and feel satisfied. The article will fulfill all your queries regarding the Kizer Begleiter, we hope. As we have tried to tell you the facts and truth about this knife.

This one suits your pocket and will set in your pocket too as this is a folder too. Before investing in the Kizer you can go through all the detailing we have tried to put in front of you after much study and research pragmatically.