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kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto, as the name suggests, comes from a highly engraved background from Japan. The steel used to make these high-quality knives is from Nigata Japan. Each knife is very well and precisely balanced. The superbly decorated from both ends of the touch. 

These Kamikoto knives are very heavily balanced and are heavier from other knives of the same category. These blades are heavier than any of the decorated knives out in the market with this price tag. These Kamikoto knives are slender and give a very precise feel from every angle. Almost all Kamikoto knives give a ‘wow’ factor at the start of a look. They are among one of the best luxury brands of knives in the market. 

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife: 

The new kamikoto 7” santoku chef’s knife is one of the best arsenals in a chef’s armory. It is a widely used luxury branded knife worldwide. These types of knives are being used in luxury departments and even at the high-end resto. They are made from high quality and elegant steel from Honshu brand Japan. Both the handle and blade of the new Kamikoto santoku knife is of a satin finish and made of soft luster finish. The blade of this kamikoto santoku 7-inch knife is designed and sharpened in a very specific way for right-handed users. There comes a natural finish wooden box with this knife which also gives a package very decorative and beautiful attire. 

Kamikoto 7in. Santoku Chef Knife

There is no doubt that Japan is the heart and center of craftsmanship when it comes to crafting a blade of any level. There are many forms of knife and sharpest swords being introduced by kamikoto because the concerned blade is used for luxury cutting and slicing modules. This product from Honshu is the heart of the japan’s knife industry. The blade is always been the best example of purity simplicity. The santoku knife is the simplest form of the professional knife that could ever be introduced. There are abundant models of the same category in the online market but the kamikoto products are assembled in the luxury designing of the product lane. The chef’s numbers are always rated for the kamikoto where they are trending in the online market or not. 


⬆ Material used for the knife is very smooth and rigid.

⬆ The edges are very sharp resulting in soft and heavy cut.

⬆ As the material used is of high quality so the life span if quite long.


⬇ The handle material is not of good quality.

⬇ These knives are quite expensive in countries other than Asia.

 Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set:

This kaiseki is the most important source of the knife in currently launched new models of the knife from the hanos family. The kanpeki knife set includes three of the most famous knives from the kamikoto products. The 5-inch utility knife, 8.5-inch slicing knife, and the 7-inch Nakiri knife for the vegetable cutting process. There is abundant awareness in the online market towards the status of these so famous knife sets. All the blades are satin finish and colored in dual classic nature of the originally crafted blades from kamikoto. The knife is evenly balanced according to their shape and size. The weight of these models is around 4.05 pounds. The Asin code of this product is B011LBF5H4. The package dimension concludes at around 15.3*7.6*2 pounds. Mr. Yamamoto is the chairman and the head designer for the kamikoto 

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

The servicing of the kamikoto blades is highly embraced from all sorts of market reports. There is a wide variety of blades already distributed in the market according to which the kami to blades are judged accordingly. Kanpeki set to include three different types of the blade which are used for a variety of meals peeling. They could be used for different roles based on their inclusion of all types of products in the pack. 


⬆ The stuff used in the knife set is very good.

⬆ The lower edge of the knife is smooth and sharp as compared to the upper one resulting in the deep cut.


⬇ The handle of the knife is made from cheaper quality rubber and plastic material.

⬇ The upper is of the knife is quite heavy which hampers the symmetry of the body.

Kamikoto – Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand:

The new kamikoto Senshi models are very popular due to its elegant design and prosperous looks. As kamikoto knives are made from very high-quality steel and handles are being optimized from a carbon-based material with a high pitch. This is a veggie 10-inch chef knife. There is an additional 5.5-inch utility knife. All these kamikoto models come along with a handcrafted wooden box that completely looks very natural and highly finished. These high-quality small steel swords are forwarded by Honshu, Japan. There is huge inspiring craftsmanship associated with kamikoto knife sets.

Senshi dual knife comes along with multiple usages of the blades. They are very portable to handle and a trademark shelf stand gives them a perfect look. Their showcase is completely beautiful and resembles the long-lasting showpiece from Japanese vintage movies. It will give you substantial relief as they happen to be the epitome of showcase material. These are the lighter, influential and sharpest knives  in all prospects. The company provides a long-lasting warranty with its every product covered under the guarantee scheme.

Product Details:

The weight of the knife set stands at approx 6.2 ounces. The dimensions of the product are around  18.8*7.8*6.7. 

These products provide a very easy duty for mincing and chopping in particular.


⬆ This kamikoto knife is very lightweight which excels in providing extreme balance.

⬆ They provide a deeper cut with a soft touch.


⬇ There are very finger supports present on the handle as the grip is very hard to hold.

⬇ These knives are handhold from all directions as they are uneven from the upper side. 

Are Kamikoto Knives Worth It?

Kamikoto as the name dictates that it directly originates from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Kamikoto is a very well known brand from japan. They made quality blades that are sourced from high-end models. Kamikoto knives are worth buying as they are long life and very sustainable throughout its life term. The Kamikoto is very popular in terms of material, as the steel used for the Kamikoto knives are made from rigid and heavy alloy.


A knife is the main arsenal in a bag for the chef to perform various dishes. Kamikoto is one of the main and leading product brands in the market. They present some of the best techniques and state of art sources to be performed with the usage of the knife. Kamikoto knives are well known for its class and luxury feel design. They are like a main arsenal in the packet. Kamikoto knives are the main thing in a chef’s bag. These knives have a great reputation in the market as the luxury branding of the knives is well known.