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How to Get Wraith knife IN Apex Legend?

how to get wraith knife

Apex legends is a Battle Royale game having interesting surprises . Besides having a big size map, Apex legends hides lots of exclusive and rare items for players to find.

Some items are easier to find than others, but all of them are worth the search. One of the rare items is the wraith knife also known as the wraith kunai.

Not only does it look fabulous but it is something that every wraith main would want to have it in their hands. There is a whole host of cosmetic items ranging from weapon skins to jazz up your weapons, to outfits which completely changes the appearance of your character.

If you are addicted to the game, for a while now, you must have noticed a particular special cosmetic item for portal person wraith floating around. It is a fleshy knife which crackles with electricity and she whips it when running with her main weapons stored.

apex wraith knife

What is Wraith Knife?

Wraith knife is the most beautiful weapon skins for wraith mains. This is essentially a Cosmetic item, it does not affect the gameplay once it is equipped . In other words it inflicts the same damage as the regular knife .

It’s only purpose is to make the regular knife look cooler. This knife skin completes its purpose fully. The knife is inspired by CS:GO’s rare knife skins, it is a part of what is called an heirloom set and currently there is only one in the game, more may be added in the future.

How to get the Wraith Knife?

New method – Once the override collection event starts, you will be able to get the wraith heirloom a bit differently. Instead of getting heirlooms in the order of the release in Apex pack, you can now get Heirloom shards .

Once you open a pack with these in them, you can then buy one of the available heirlooms. The heirloom system is being changed, now it is easier for you to get the heirloom you want.

apex legends wraith knife

Instead of a complete heirloom set dropping at once, you will now get heirloom Shards . You can use those shards to pick the exact Heirloom set you like.

Shards have the same drop rate as the earlier system, so that after 500 Apex packs, you have enough heirloom Shards to get an heirloom set from the heirloom shop.

Your existing progress towards 500 Apex packs will carry over with the switch. Once a player gets all of the heirloom sets, he will not be eligible to receive more shards, until more sets are added to the game.

Old method – To get the wraith knife is not an easy task. The company behind Apex legends, the Respawn, according to this company, the chances of unlocking the wraith knife is less than 1%.

Respawn has confirmed that you are guaranteed wraith’s heirloom set for your first 500 Apex packs. If you have a large amount of cash to spend, you can purchase loads of packs to increase your chances of getting it, otherwise it could be a very long time before you are wielding a wraith knife.

wraith knife apex

Again it’s all RNG based-so you never know, you can get it in the next pack you open. As you know the wraith knife is a part of the heirloom set, so you can open the Apex packs to unlock it.

If you are in luck, and there is a wraith knife in your Apex pack, you will also receive two other heirlooms along with it.

These additional heirlooms are the Intro Quip and the Banner Pose. For every 500 Apex packs opened by you, only one of them may contain the heirloom set. These are the loot crates which drops 3 cosmetic items to customise your legends and gear with.

Keeping that thing in mind, the only way to unlock the wraith knife skin is to open as many Apex packs as you can and to hope for the best. There are very less chances if you are not willing to spend money on Apex packs.

apex legends knife

How to acquire Apex packs?

On reaching new levels in Apex legends, Apex packs are given as reward. You get a total of 45 Apex packs from level 1 100. How frequently you get Apex packs depends on the level you are at –

  • Level 1 to 20 : 1 pack per level

  • Level 23 to 45 : 1 pack on every two levels

  • Level 50 to100: 1 pack on every five levels.

Chances of getting a rare item is 100%, while receiving Epic and legendary items stands at 24.8% and 7.4% respectively.

Getting free Apex packs is a very slow process and chances of getting the wraith knife actually decrease as you go up the levels. This leads us to the second way of obtaining Apex packs, which is purchasing them online.

Note – Apex packs only provide cosmetic items. None of the items you receive in a pack improves your in-game stats and gives you an edge over other players.

Items range from weapon skins, to outfits, banners and intro quips , and they have certain rarity tiers also. You have got common (white), rare (blue), legendary (gold) and Epic (purple) . There is one rarity tier above legendary and it is heirloom .

So to get yourself the heirloom set and wraith knife, you have to crack open a whole bunch of Apex packs. You can earn Apex packs by playing the game and leveling up, or you can purchase them with real world currency to increase your chances.

For 500 Apex packs, you need 50000 Apex coins. As the biggest coin pack that you can buy has 11500 coins, you need to buy 4 of those. Then you need to buy a 4350 coin Pack to obtain a total of 50000 Apex coins.

Is a wraith knife worth purchasing Apex Packs?

A simple calculation will tell you if buying Apex packs is worth this ultra rare skin. You require 500 Apex packs to hope to find the heirloom set. The Heirloom set is having the wraith knife skin you are searching for.

When you add the total expenditure, you need to pay the total amount of $ 435 for 50000 Apex coins.

That means you will have to pay dollar 435 and there is no guarantee for the wraith knife. You may or you may not find the wraith knife in one of those Apex packs.

As mentioned earlier the wraith knife makes no difference in game and does not add to your stats in the game. Therefore to spend that much money for cosmetic skin doesn’t look worth it, but the decision is entirely yours.

What heirlooms are currently in the game?

heirlooms in the game

There are 3 heirlooms in the game right now –

  • Intro Quip

  • Melee Weapon Skin (wraith knife)

  • Banner Pose

The Intro Quip says – “come find me”.

The Melee weapon skin is called the Kunai. It will show the knife, when you run around in game while playing wraith with your guns holstered. It never does any extra damage compared to regular Melee strikes, but it looks pretty awesome.

The banner pose is called Fearless, it is animated with wraith, throwing a couple of her Kunai knives .

Respawn will add more heirlooms to the game in future and as the first three are themed after wraith , new additions will be themed after other legends.

Good luck to find rare Apex Legends items

So finally the only way to acquire or obtain the wraith knife skin is by opening Apex packs . This is extremely difficult to find so you need to be very lucky even if you are purchasing the packs.

Keeping that in mind, enjoy the journey and open as much Apex packs as you can. Who knows you may find many other items while searching for the coveted knife .

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