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Global Knives Review

The knives which chefs use with pride and confidence are Global knives. The knives are unique and entirely constructed out of stainless steel. The look and the feel which the global knives possess makes them the chef’s favorite worldwide. Since 1985 these knives have been exhibiting smooth and consistent performance for every kitchen task. There is no denying the fact that these are the best-quality knives from Japan.

All the credit goes to the knife’s designer Komin Yamada, for creating the world’s top professional kitchen knives. The knives perform with perfection, and marvelous cutting is delivered with the thin and durable blades of the knives. Since they are one-piece construction, more durability and reliability add on to it.

We have talked about their worth, and some of the best Global knife sets along with their comparison with the FURI knives in this article.

Global Knives – They are different; they are Unique but are they worth?

They are different and unique as the ultra-modern design, and industrial look which they carry makes them stand out of the crowd. Like we mentioned, the entire construction of the knife is out of stainless steel, and the alloy CROMOVA 18 is used for these. Mostly, the Western-style knives have a bevel-edge and the Global knives are made with a straight edge and are high and thin. The best part is that even after becoming dull these knives still remain sharp and durable due to their construction. A perfect balance is brought by the hollow handles of these knives, which are filled with sand.

Not only you have access to perfect chopping and cutting of varied foods, but you also tend to save a huge amount of time, which would have been consumed otherwise with a sub-standard knife. Let us find out more by exploring some of the best Global knives

Global Starter Set – 3 Piece

The Global starter set features thin blades for precision slicing and the blade is constructed out of a single piece of steel. This comes with an unsurpassed performance with a unique convex edge. The edges of the knife blade remain sharper for longer time as the face-ground features a long tapering. High-tech CROMOVA stainless steel is used for the blade construction of this marvelous knife. The steel hardness makes them stay stronger and durable and yet enough soft so that they can be sharpened with a whetstone. This starter set is a perfect one for beginners and starter chefs.

Chromium material minimizes rust and staining. The knife is light-weight and the perfect balance reduces hand fatigue. The handles are molded for comfort and dimpled for a safe grip. The functional design of the knife delivers wonderful performance. The Global brand has received many awards since years and has mastered itself into the most successful brands of the world.

  • Paring Knife- This comes with a small and versatile paring knife of 3.5″. Any kind of small cutting jobs can be easily completed with this knife.
  • Cook’s Knife– Any sort of disjointing or slicing can be done with this knife of 5″.
  • Hollow Ground Cook’s Knife– This is an 8″ chopping knife, large in size to cut through bone and vegetables.

What we liked

  • The blades are thin which enable precision cutting
  • The high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel give them more resistance to rust and staining
  • Perfect balance and light weight of the knife minimizes hand fatigue
  • The handles are molded for comfort and the dimpled pattern offers a secure grip
  • This is a functional design, steeped in tradition and from a successful brand

What we didn’t like

  • Requires frequent honing
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Doesn’t have a knife block

Global 7-piece Ikasu Knife Block Set

This is an unmatchable knife block set in terms of quality and performance. This Global set is another signature product of the company which features a molded dimpled handle, which provides a safe and secure grip. The knife is perfectly balanced to provide proper and easy cuts. They offer a wide range of knives for performing different tasks. For a super fine-edge the blade edge is ground on each side, symmetrical 50/50 bevel.

This is proudly designed and manufactured in Japan, and has a lifetime warranty attached to it. The knife block (bamboo/acrylic) is included in the set and enables easy storage. The different types of knives that form a part of this set are as follows:

  • Paring knife- The peeling becomes as easy as a breeze, which helps in removing seeds, de-vein shrimp and more.
  • Medium Utility Knife- This measure 4.5″, and proves great for cutting a sandwich, meat and vegetables. Though, isn’t efficient for larger tasks.
  • Chef’s Utility knife\Prep knife- This is 5.5″ in size and has the ability to deliver a bit more than the former.
  • Nakiri Knife- For some fast and easy chopping, the Nakiri knife of 5.5″ works great for handling veggies.
  • Chef’s knife– All kinds of meat can be cut with this chef’s knife.
  • Bread knife- The last piece is the bread knife which measures 8″.

What we liked

  • The knife set features many kinds of knives
  • A superior fine-edge is created with symmetrical 50-50 bevel
  • The blade edge is ground on each side
  • The knife is made with quality steel in Japan and come with a lifetime warranty
  • It is recommended to hand wash these knives for maintenance purposes
  • The knives are known for their balance and edge

What we didn’t like

  • They may get rusted
  • The knife block is of plastic

Global G-835/WS – 6 Piece Knife Set

This knife set of 6 pieces is admired by professional chefs and home cooks all over the world. They feature thin blades for precision slicing, and high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel is used for its construction. The cooks can easily and cleanly slice and dice through foods with this thin knife that has a razor-like sharpness. The flavor is maximized, while the integrity of the food is maintained and preserved. The knife handle is hollow and filled with exact amount of sand for enabling a perfect balance.

The knife is ice-tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-C58, the handles are molded for comfort and dimpled for safe, non-slip, and firm grip. The smooth contour of the knives eliminates any kind of food and dirt traps. Along with CROMOVA 18 they also have a blend of 18 % chromium (stain resistance), and molybdenum, vanadium for excellent edge retention. The block set features extra slots for storing more knives safely.

  • Paring Knife– A 4″ paring knife is included in this set.
  • Utility Knife– This is an all-purpose knife which is used for cutting any kind of veggies, meat, and removing seeds too. Measures 5.25″.
  • Asian Cook Knife– This knife helps in cutting with utmost precision and measures 7″.
  • Carving KnifeFillet knife to carve meat fast and efficiently, this knife measures 8.25″ in length.
  • Bread Knife– For some heavy-duty bread cutting this bread knife of 8.75″ works brilliantly.

What we liked

  • This features thin blades for precision cutting and slicing
  • The face-ground comes with a long taper and the edge remains sharp and longer
  • High-tech CROMOVA stainless steel is used for the construction of the knife blade
  • The knife is ice-tempered which holds the razor-sharp edge and handles are comfy and dimpled for a safe grip
  • The block set ensures good and safe storing of knives, includes extra slots too

What we didn’t like

  • No cons as such
  • A little mis-leading name

Global SAI-5001 5 Piece Knife Block

The Global SAI knives of the renowned brand GLOBAL pay homage to the Samurai tradition of sword making. These knives are made of the finest stainless-steel Cordova 18 and are made exclusively for Global. Like the other knives of the company these are also tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56 – C58 Degree. The knives boast of quality and hold their razor- sharp edges much more than the other knives.

These are the sharpest knives which resist stains, rust. and corrosion. These knives are light in weight and balanced for easy handling in the kitchen. The knife features smooth contours and abolishes food and dirt traps. These unique knives from Japan come with a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. The blade has non-stick properties as this comes with a gorgeous hammered finish and air pockets. Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium and Carbon are also used in the construction of the knife.

  • Chef’s knife– All kinds of meat can be cut with this chef’s knife of 7 ½”.
  • Utility Knife– This is an all-purpose knife which is used for cutting any kind of veggies, meat, and removing seeds too. The knife measures 6″.
  • Bread/Sandwich knife– The knife measures 6 ½” and works great to cut any sort of breads.
  • Paring knife– This comes with a small and versatile paring knife of 3 ½”. All kinds of small cutting jobs can be easily completed with this knife.
  • Stainless steel knife block in ship shape

What we liked

  • A lightweight and balanced knife for easy handling in the kitchen
  • Smooth contours and seamless construction remove dirt and food traps
  • Designed exclusively for Global in Japan
  • Lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects
  • Made of stainless-steel Cordova 18

What we didn’t like

  • Requires more knives in the collection
  • Overall a great knife set

Which one is the best? – Global or FURI

Owning a good knife set is a charm for any chef, and this makes life much easier and simpler in any kitchen. If a knife functions great and looks beautiful, it is a massive benefit indeed!

Global VS FURI

Both of these knife brands are close competitors and we are not disgracing one for the other, but genuinely comparing the one that stands tall.

  • Global knives are from Japan and the FURI knives are from Australia. Both are designed with innovation and a knife design which is revolutionary. But still the Global knives tend to rule and stand apart.
  • The steel used for the construction of the Global knives is CROMOVA 18 high-carbon stainless steel. They speak volumes of quality and have rust and stain resistance quality. The Global brand has received a number of awards and the knives constructed by them are the best from JAPAN. Even the FURI knives are also counted among the top-notch knives of the world, but the knives from Global brand are loved by pro chefs and home cooks.
  • The handle of the Global knives is much comfier than the FURI knives, and the latter feels a bit awkward on holding as compared to the former. The blade used to make an Australian knife is from Japan, and that makes a FURI. Now you can imagine the worth of Global knife which is designed, constructed with innovation and brilliant engineering in Japan.
  • The edges and the precision cuts provided by the Global knives are much more perfect than the FURI. The Global knives have a straight edge as compared to the bevel edges of other Western style knives, which keep them sharper for longer. Though, it is a matter of personal choice and some may lone FURI more, but if you take an opinion of majority and the thumbs up will be for Global knives whose functional designed is steeped in tradition.


Q1. Can we wash the Global knives in a dishwasher?

Ans1. A few of the Global knives are dishwasher safe, but not all. The detergents used and the heat of the dishwasher may damage the high carbon content of the knife. It is recommended to wash them with hands using soap with warm water. Dry them and store them safely after that.

Q2. Global knives, are they single or double bevel?

Ans2. The Global knives are double bevel, and are thin, sleek, and sharp and are sharpened to a straight edge. Like the other Western counter parts these are also double bevel but the sharpening is different.

Q3. How can I sharpen my Global knives?

Ans3. The angle of 10 to 15 degrees is preferred to sharpen a Global knife. This will give your knife a razor-sharp edge. It is advised to use a whetstone or a ceramic stone to sharpen the and care should be taken to prevent chipping of the blades when cut through hard or any bone material.

Q4. Where are these knives manufactured?

Ans4. These top-notch knives are from Niigata, Japan – Yoshikin’s factory. The brand boasts of its skilled craftsmanship and a long success history in producing the best knives of the world.