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Forged In Fire Knife Reviews

We are talking about a well-known TV show Forged in Fire, which has a group of people who are well aware and have a deep understanding of ancient weapons. An interesting show on the History Channel, which makes you gather knowledge about age-old crafted weapons along with their new face of today. It is an amalgamation of the history of the weapons and their recreation in today’s times.

Let us check today how much they are worth with promised quality?

The Advertisement

For catching the attention of audiences, the commercial design was of an extremely high-budget and was appreciated by the viewers as this carried an enormous hype. But the real quality of the knives should be revealed as the advertisements may be misleading.

It is shown in the ad that a chef is using the knife to cut unusual things like the ice block, avocado with a hard-shell seed, water-bottles, and even another knife.

forged fire kitchen knife

But one important point is missing, and that is the actual usage of the knife in routine rather than the unordinary. Ultimately the day-to-day use is what concerns the life of a chef.

Some Live-Proof

Many people have posted videos support the knife’s utility, and they are somewhat true. It is claimed that the knife not only performs the unusual but comes with a razor-sharp blade with a non-slip handle for convenient cutting and chopping for varied purposes.

It is human nature and abiding with that we get excited and attracted by mesmerizing commercials. Henceforth, we should find the ground reality of the brand, which tells the truth.

Materials Used

It is the potential to know about the material of the knife before you invest in it. The blade, as well as the handle material, holds the utmost importance.

Surgical steel is used in the construction of the knife, and this is claimed by the company. Though it sounds and feels good, the actual knowledge of this is known by very few. Only those who are aware of the steel and alloys know about it. To support this, we can take an example of 440 surgical steel here , which is considered to be of superior quality.

Here it becomes important to know that all surgical-steel knives are not of good quality as the market today offers many low-quality knives which are of stainless steel. So, this may be the cheapest material also sometimes.

Is it all truth?

The Forged in Fire, doesn’t let us know exactly which type of steel is used by the company. This is pretty understandable and there may be other materials to enhance the steel’s performance. The materials such as carbon, chromium and more are also used for creating a better steel though the commercial doesn’t make it clear about the entire thing completely.

The steel which are high in carbon content tend to maintain the edge for a longer time and require less maintenance as compared to the other steel knives with less carbon. The rusting if the knives also occurs much faster which are not of pure stainless-steel.

Forged in Fire Knife Reviews

The Plus

  • A knife with attractive looks, with blade pattern and handle
  • Good stability and sturdiness are ensured by a blade of full-tang
  • You can perform any kind of heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen
  • For cutting smaller edibles, a paring knife proves great
  • A durable knife with tough steel quality

The Minus

  • The abilities of the knife are exaggerated in the commercial
  • They may prove weak and may turn dull with time
  • The quality of the steel isn’t clarified

Customer Services, Prices and Warranty

More known options should be talked about from the Forged in Fire knives. If you want to have a good deal then buy a pack of quality professional kitchen knife with a paring knife together. All sorts of claims which the brand promises should be considered properly. If you are thinking about the shipping of these knives then, it isn’t expensive.

Though under the special deals when you buy two sets of these knives then the shipping id free. If you are seeking some solid deal then this is a great way to add to your multiple collection of knives in the kitchen.

These knives are backed-up by an appreciable warranty of 50-years. Can you believe, 50 years, it is certainly huge!

This is a perfect example of a life-time warranty, though a bit different than the other products. I have seen there are other brands of cutlery knives which along with a lifetime warranty, replace, repair, and even sharpen the knives without any charges. Even if the user damages the knife or it wears off with time, the company takes care of it and replaces or repairs whatever the case may be.

Warranty doesn’t Cover All

The warranty of the knife covers a couple of things and not all.

A few things not supported by warranty:

  • Any routine wear and tear
  • Mistreatment of product
  • Any damages done by the product’s user

In case you send the Forged in Fire for repair then the charges for shipping are levied, and this may prove heavy for customers. In turn the customers may have to bear about 10 dollars of shipping charges.

Furthermore, the services which are provided by the company is reviewed by many people as great.

The Forged in Fire – Chef Knife

Forged in Fire Knife

Let us plunge into some depth, and go through the details properly. After seeing the picture, you can confirm a beautiful look and shine, the blade top has a pattern, a sturdy wooden handle, shiny finish that gives a high-quality feel to the knife. Let us find out the construction of the parts of the knife.

The design of the blade is full-tang, and it ensures the stability and good feel of the knife, while the length is of 8 inches. The size is big enough to make you accomplish any task of heavy-duty. And you need no more proof as this is already explained above with the demonstration of product such as cutting of ice blocks, avocados and more. The company even claims the blade edges exhibit equal sharpness.

Some more interesting facts

They are marked with a unique number, each one of them which are from Forged in Fire. Every knife is unique on its own with a story to tell. Though, the quality which the customers are looking for isn’t provided by the company.

One more thing is that the handle is made by looking into the comfort of people with big and small hands both. Irrespective of the handle size this boasts of an anti-slipping quality and that too under any adverse conditions. A firm grip is confirmed by the dark red handle of wood.

The companion – The Paring Knife

This is a part of the deal, a free knife which is small in size. This is a similarly designed handle, full-tang, with a non-slip ergonomic handle like that of the big knife.

Compared to its elder brother this knife performs brilliantly for cutting or chopping fruits and veggies that are smaller bin size. In short, we can say this a great knife for serving small-duty purposes.

This deal of the knives seems a great offer and turns out economical too.

Try them out

If you didn’t get a chance too use these knives, then we recommend strongly to buy and try one of these sets of two knives. This turns out to be true that many of us are not convinced with the commercial of the Forged in Fire and this is not justified by representation of the commercials on TV. But we should accept one thing that this is part of marketing strategy of any product to exaggerate the power and usefulness of any product.

The prime work of a good knife is to perform tasks such as mincing, chopping, slicing and cutting with ease and perfection. None of us are going to do what is demonstrated in the commercials of the TV. The knife lovers should surely give a try to this amazing knife set by Forged in Fire.

We cannot say that we are dissatisfied by the performance of these knives than the others in this category by different brands. Not only the warranty but a 30-day money-back guarantee is also ensured with the product. This only happens when you are not pleased by the performance of the knife. One more good thing is that the time of guarantee starts after the arrival of the knife.

You can try them with confidence and if dissatisfied return them back, it is this simple!


I am sure before you started reading the article, many questions were dancing around your mind about the knife’s credibility, quality, construction, and more. There may be many things more which might be disturbing you, before you decide to invest in a product. This isn’t necessary that the products which are cheap are bad and expensive products good and vice-versa.

If you are a beginner then this product works in an amazing way, and takes the load on itself by doing all heavy-duty and small-duty kitchen tasks. Even the professional chefs can also benefit from these while preparing food, which happens to be their major work most of the time. But the knives which come in this price range may wear off with time and no brand on the earth covers wear and tear for 50 long years.

The professional chef’s may be in turn looking out for some more durability as they have the work to over-use them. But as far as home cooks are concerned, this is a much better option with this price tag. This will certainly work perfect for you.

All said and done, one should surely give a try to the Forged in Fire knife set, and it is worth it!