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Dalstrong Knife Review – Is It Worth Buying ?

Dalstrong knife, as the name itself suggests that it’s a knife with exceptional strength, power, and durability. It is engineered to perfection and is crafted with detail. It gives a peak performance at an affordable price.

The Dalstrong lion head symbol exhibits unmatchable power. These are the strongest knives with a Dalstrong difference. These knives are crafted with marvelous engineering techniques. The range of knives comes with detailed features making them look and work out of the crowd.

Be it gladiator series, show gun series, crusader series, omega or phantom series or the black shadow series, all these knives are tough, sleek and designed differently in a unique manner.

So here comes the range of the most powerful knives in the Dalstrong Knife review.

dalstrong knife review

The Best Dalstrong Gladiator Reviewed - Top 7 Picks

1. Dalstrong Gladiator Knife Set

dalstrong knife

This Dalstrong knife is a knife with a difference. The knife boasts of a great design that is engineered to perfection and outstanding craftsmanship. The design is stunning and gives an incomparable performance. It comes with award-winning features as incredible sharp razor and premium materials with a quality feel. It used high-carbon German steel material which has hand-polished sides at 14°-16° each edge. The knife is a very durable one that lasts for a lifetime. It is polished to a satin finish and is perfectly engineered at 56+ Rockwell hardness.

It gives a lot of comfort and maneuverability to the chef as it possesses triple-riveted black pakkawood handles. This professional kitchen knife is an asset for chef’s and has lamination and polish which makes it finer. All the essential knives for a chef come in a wonderful woodblock which is hand made. The tapering of the knife gives it improved hardness, minimal slicing resistance and can be used with flexibility for carving, slicing, cutting, etc. the complete set offers santoku, chef’s knife, bread, utility, paring knives, carving, slicing, serrated utility and honing rod. Thousands of home cooks and professional chefs consider Dalstrong knife the best of all.

What more we can ask for, at such quality and an affordable price!


It can be used without any risk.

As it is designed with outstanding craftsmanship and made of best quality steel.

Can be used with the utmost ease.

Its peak performance wins the love of all.


Carbon steel that it uses is low-end.

A little lighter for cutting or chopping harder objects.

2. DALSTRONG Colossal Knife Set Block

dalstrong knife set block

This knife is again the one which comes in an amazing design that is made up of imported high carbon German steel. This is a durable one which will certainly last for a lifetime. It is perfectly engineered at 56+ Rockwell hardness and comes in a polished form which gives it a satin finish.

Premium materials are used for the manufacturing of this knife, the edges are hand polished at 14-16 degrees per side. The knife is a perfect one for busy kitchens. Its flexibility, hardness, and minimal slicing resistance give it a difference. The stain resistance quality, famed design, a satisfying heft helps the professional chefs to perform their best. 

The knives of all types come in a handmade walnut wood block. The complete 18 pc set is inclusive of 6 steak knives, kiritsuke, chef’s knife, santoku, carving/slicing, bread, utility, serrated utility, paring, bird’s beak, boning filet and honing steel.


A knife with a long life.

Incomparable quality and utility.

The best set of knives with a difference, for professionals or home cooks.

It wins the trust and love of all.

100% satisfaction to the customer and is risk-free.

The company offers a money-back guarantee also.

It is designed in the best way for maximum productivity with minimum efforts.


Occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.

The practical aspect is that only a few knives are used in the routine.

So many knives together are a little waste.

dalstrong knife

3. Dalstrong Phantom Series Knife

dalstrong shogun series chef knife

This is again one of the most amazing knives in the market of the Phantom series. It possesses power and purity, beauty and refinement. A sharp razor exceptional knife with , masterfully elegant design and incomparable performance give it an upper edge for sure. This knife is created with high-carbon, accurate tempering, and Japanese steel. The ergonomic bolster and the hand-polished spine give a great grip in hand while using.

The phantom series knife is dangerously sharp-edged, is sharpened by experts to 13-15 degrees and nitrogen cooled for intensified hardness, marvelous flexibility and rust resistance. One must drag the knife minimally as the supple blade of the knife makes swift cuts with no exertion.

The knife is manufactured with a velvet feel pakkawood handles, is hand polished, laminated ensuring a perfect grip into one’s palm. The shape of the handle is traditional Japanese D-shaped which makes the handling easy. While talking about the storage aspect this 6-pc set comes in handmade walnut wood ‘Dragon spire’ block, superior strength magnets are fixed firmly on both sides of each column. This attractively designed block ensures enough space-saving and allows no dirt or waste to hide near the knives. This 6-pc set holds knives of various kinds like 9.5” Yanagiba, 7” cleaver, 8” chef, 9” bread, 7” santoku, 9” bread, 9.5” chef, 12” slicing ,carving and 6.5” boning and filet knife. The block can hold up to twelve knives and has 4” paring,5” utility, 6” nakiri.


I feel excited while discussing this knife as it has a huge range of knives with multitasking qualities. This rock-solid knife comes risk-free and with a lifetime warranty against any defects.

It is one of the most trustworthy knives.

The knife which gives power to your hands and adds beauty to your collection.


The maintenance and cleaning become a little difficult with all the engravings on the knife.

4. Dalstrong Crusader Series Knife Set Block

dalstrong chef knife

Dalstrong crusader series is an amazingly strong knife that has an impressively sleek and modern design. This knife performs with excellence and is made with German made steel which is razor sharp. It’s a perfect balance between toughness and resilience. The knife is manufactured in such a way that the smooth and sleek transformation from the blade to the high-chromium stainless steel handle gives it a peak performance feature with an aggressive moving pose.

The modern design of the knife adds toughness, reduces friction, making it lightweight, flexible along with a comfortable grip.

The knife is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). A full tang blade which is beautifully designed, hand-polished, giving it a perfect balance. This crusader series knife seems like a modern version of the medieval times as the steel-clad warriors used in the ancient times during battles. This set offers a utility knife 6”, boning knife 6.5”, bread knife 8”, santoku 7”, filet knife 6.5”, serrated utility knife 5.5”birds beak paring knife 3”paring knife 4.5”, chef knife 8” and steak knives (set of 4)


More powerful and satisfying feel while using this knife.

One is like a champion with this robust knife in the hand.

The sleek design, a pure tool with exceptional performance.

The best part is that this knife comes in a single piece of razor-sharp steel.


It is made of softer steel.

The company doesn’t offer a full set.

5. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Knife

dalstrong chef's knife

The Dalstrong shadow black series knife is just out of the box. A knife with a dangerous design, unusual craftsmanship is designed to look as sleekest of all but with aggressive muscular features. This is certainly a statement knife giving you a unique feel as a chef. It has a pitiless sharp scalpel-like edge. The finishing is being done by expert bladesmiths to 15 degrees per side by the Honbazuke method (a traditional one).

It is designed with a single piece of steel and with the most durable hand polished blade. The Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating gives toughness, enhances non-stick prop DALSTRONG – Omega Serieserties and keeps the knife rust free. Life-long durability is automatically attached to the Dalstrong Black Series as it features high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X super steel. For better edge retention, the knife is made to undergo an additional vacuum treatment at 58+ HRC.

This powerful knife exhibits a midnight black ergonomic, resin and military-grade G10 handle, with anti-slip properties and a firm grip. Each knife blade has a matching black space-saving sheath.

It comes with a lifetime warranty against defect and is the most trustworthy.


A knife with a style, one just can’t stop gazing at.

Its menacing design, unmatchable qualities, striking angles, extraordinary craftsmanship, and astonishing performance makes it one of the best knives ever.

On the one hand, it is mercilessly sharp and on the other designed with sophistication.

The ‘Dalstrong difference has been experienced by more than 250,000 chefs worldwide. It serves as an excellent gift for any.


Again, a knife that is not sold as a set.

The low cost of the knife sometimes shows your crisis.

A budget steel knife.

6. Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife

dalstrong shogun

The rock strong Dalstrong knife – Shogun series is a culinary revolution. Craftsmanship beyond compare, breakthrough technology, and awe-inspiring design, performance par excellence and is made with one of the best materials being used so far. It has a pitiless sharp scalpel edge with a fine mirror polish at 8-12 degrees per side.

A full tang knife is a nitrogen-cooled for corrosion resistance, flexibility, and strong output. It possesses an elegant hammered tsuchime finish which reduces the stuck-on food and makes the drag efforts minimal. This Dalstrong’s awesome ‘tsunami-rose’ has authentic Damascus layers.

 The G-10 handle is of high-quality military-grade with a life-time durability feature, it is ergonomic and hands polished. It is sharpened and made powerful with Japanese vacuum heat treated technology (AUS-10V) with super steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness giving it peak performance. It has a 55 mm blade and is made up of 66 layers of premium high carbon stainless steel.


When we talk about this knife it exhibits the Dalstrong difference and power.

The Damascus layers and all other features make this Shogun Series chef’s knife an awesome one. While slicing we feel the power.

The unparalleled performance adds to its perfection.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


This knife is an expensive one.

It is made of hard steel and might turn out to be brittle sometimes.

7. Dalstrong Multipurpose Kiritsuke chef knife

dalstrong gladiator

This Omega Series knife is a multipurpose Kiritsuke chef knife. It is 8.5” in size and is brutally effective. This complete chef’s collection knife set comes in a handmade acacia wooden stand having a unique grain pattern. The work of a chef becomes effortless with this sophisticated knife. It also possesses ultra-premium American forged BD1N-VX hyper steel.

The nitrogen addition to the knife makes it more robust and flexible. The blade comes with a ‘Liquid Metal’ pattern which minimizes drag and increases work efficiency.

This knife is also treated with heat at 63HRC and the traditional 3 step Honzabuke method is used by the bladesmiths at 8-12 degrees per side. It is again a full tang knife made of G10 woven fiberglass handle, is impermeable to moisture, cold and heat. The Dalstrong lion head symbol is engraved on both the mirror-polished end and blade. It also includes a black PU leather sheath with a button clip.


We can try it risk-free.

An excellent knife that compliments a chef’s style.

Its detailed craftsmanship makes it a more unique one.

The liquid metal pattern increases efficiency.

It’s a very sharp one.


It has limited options.

An expensive one, so cannot be bought at once.

By now we can conclude that Dalstrong knives have certainly come with some excellent stuff in the market. The policies of the company are great and customer satisfaction is also good. 

The knives are designed excellently for the best results. These knives are a chef’s pride. It provides a huge variety from mid-range to high-end sets. Purity, power, and excellence is a combined feature of these knives.

It gives immense confidence and power to the chefs, as the knives are crafted by experts. They exhibit incomparable performance. 

So, when are you buying your Dalstrong knife?  Hmm.