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Cutco Knives Reviews

Cutco knives are very rigid and sharpest knives and they do have a very good reputation in the market. Cutco knives are sold particularly because of the base of their sharpness and their build quality. They are manufactured according to their widespread demand of heavy metal quality and precise blade finishing. cutco knife is always a good deal to opt for as they are well knowned for their sharpness and rigidity.

The Cutco as the name suggests in itself, is a branded image for all kinds of knives. Cutco offers competition for almost all the section of cutlery, kitchen and all sorts of knives. Cutco knives are developed under all types of categories including kitchen and hunting knife. There are a variety of models available in the market. It depends on one’s need to choose what kind of knife they need!

Cutco knives Reviews

CUTCO 1759 Table Knife with Double-D (DD) Serrated Edge: 

The new Cutco 1759 table knife is a chef’s delight, it is engineered and brand finished in such a way that it provides a very elegant look on the table. This product is highly embraced throughout the culinary market. The main elements which make this knife and class apart are that it has a raisin and ergonomic handle in which there is minimal chance of the cracks and any other defects. The Cutco Company provides a forever guarantee of the fade defect and sharpening of the product. The best part is that it has a gift box included in the sale, which makes it even more worth buying. 

cutco kitchen knives

The strength and durability of the Cutco knife are very much admired that it could be used many seasons to come. The Cutco table knife provides a very attractive look on the dinner table. It showcases your looks in front of your guest making it one of many good impressions. The Cutco table knife is very comfortable to handle and use. It is very portable in every aspect of use. The balancing of the knife is also well known. The table knife is the best choice on the side even if the steak is not on the menu of the serve. It can be used to cut salad, veggies, spread butter, jam or any serve with this well-admired weapon on the table. It also provides a classy holder which can be used as a holder for the knife as well as the cover for the concerned part. 


  1.  Matching table knives included
  2. Lifelong warranty
  3. Gift box included
  4. Double edge (d)


  1. Not suitable for large families. 

CUTCO Set of 4 Classic Brown Model with Table Knives all in one Gift Box:

Owning these professional knife is any chefs or cooking enthusiast delight. The knives is arranged so accurately that it can be used for instant usage. The handles of these highly engineered and raisin provided materials are so designed that they don’t absorb any liquid or any other sort of material to its body. This unique quality helps to provide a long-lasting new look to the product. The Thermo resin material makes it out of the box from any other product available in the marketplace. The overall length of the set is 8-3/8 inches. 

Product dimensions stand at different par: 5*9.4*1.4 inches. The weight of these Cutco sets of four knives 1759 stands at around 1.28 ounce. These products are highly rated among the market knife and are very well embraced. This very product was released back in November 2013. 

sharpen cutco knives

The newly launched Cutco knives under the same dimension are also released with white handles that look very attractive under the golden apple schemes. The Cutco doesn’t provide a chunky handle with heavyweight but they are maintained at a very diligent style and portable operations which demand simple cleaning. The stainless steel used thus is of very good quality with branded material. 


  1. Lifelong warranty
  2. Comes with polishing cloth made of microfiber
  3. Highly durable
  4. Easy to use and handle


  1. The storage case is of cheap quality

CUTCO Cheese Knife w/ 5.5  serrated edge blade and black Soft Comfort-grip handle. 

The grip of these products is very handy and designed especially keeping cheese cutting in mind. The holes of the knife help the cheese to avoid falling on the piece. It also has the same ergonomically designed handle which is also engineered with the help of high-quality material resulting in the absorption free handle. It has a serrated blade with self-sharpening edges. Cutco has introduced micro d edge with these specially designed models which result in better image quality of the company. The micro d is the mini version of the so famous double D recessed edge of the Cutco patent. 

The blade perforation of the knife is very good for the prevention of the cheese from sticking and the rounded tip of the same knife also helps to spread the soft cheese over the bread. The comfortable handle of the Cutco cheese knife is very handy to use and provides complete handling with much easier operation. 

cutco steak knives

The exclusive micro-edge thus used in this product is a smaller version of the Double D edge specially designed for cutting cheese and related samples. The material used for this highly decorated product is high-quality stainless tell with 440A high carbon. The handle material of this knife is made of polypropylene. The Cutco knife is based on a highly designed and elegant body with imperial color tech. The color of the handle is also varied with white depending on the state of art technology.

The product dimensions are thus par: 2.5*11.7*.9 inches. The weight of the decorated designed knife is 3.2 ounces. The Asin code of the product is BOO9X3UQY0. 


  1. Lifelong warranty
  2. Elegant and pristine design
  3. Perfect for cheese cutting
  4. Specializes for both hard and soft cheese


  1. Gift box is of poor quality

Cutco Petite Chef Knife:

A good knife is every chefs greatest delight, so the newly introduced Cutco petite chef knife perfectly fits this description. It produces a very high-quality attraction among professionals. It is a universal fit for all kinds of handles. It fits in both right and left invariable on the storing techniques. For the pint of safety thumb and forefinger, the lock is provided with a high-quality material being used. There is a fatigue-resistant design being introduced in this very product. The Cutco’s razor-sharp and well straight-edge knives can be maintained and well-sharpened at home itself. The extended blade helps in the extra cutting area of the product which in reverse makes it the right choice for the chef’s demand. The blade of this chef’s favorite product is well balanced. 

cutco knives review

Cutco provides a forever guarantee for the product and repairing costs with free service for the specified term. There is no need for the introduction of the receipt for sharpening or any damage concerning the issue for Cutco’s forever guarantee program. The dimensions thus by par includes 13.3*2*.7inches. The weight of the item is included around 6.7 ounces. This Cutco 1728 petite chef knife is just a shorter version of the 9-1/4” French chef knife. This is the essential knife for cutting foods and related ingredients while it also helps in chopping, slicing and dicing mincing. Just pick up your product and transfer ingredients with a wider blade with a sharpened section. This is just a classic for home cooks chefs.


  1. Versatile fit
  2. Lifelong warranty
  3. Formed with 440a steel
  4. Easy maintenance


  1. Handle width too thin

Cutco Table Knives Set of Four with Tray, Double-D Serrated Edge Blades with 5 Inch Classic Brown Handles:

This model is by far the most popular and elegantly designed model of Cutco under the new guarantee scheme. The Cutco models are now introduced with a very attractive price tag which is making it one of the most deserving and highly popular brands across the globe in terms of the knife supply chain. It is presented under a price tag of a mere 170$. There is a dishwasher with this cutco knife which presents you a more comfortable product and free from hanging design. This produces a new idea for the use of the knife in the kitchen. Now you can easily cut and slice through the thickest part of the cake or any dessert with much ease. This Cutco product stays sharp for over years and also provides a forever guarantee scheme under which you even don’t have to produce a single receipt for claiming one. The tray can be stored on the wall or in the drawer itself while serving. 

The table knife is Cutco’s bestselling knife and there is no doubt why it is so. They are unique in every aspect. They not only provide versatility to the product but also craft them from being in the front of the line. The bodyline structure of these highly handcrafted knives is best in the market. The blade material is made of the same Cutco patent A440 carbon with stainless steel and the handle material is engineered with thermo resin. The blade length of this product is 3-3/8and overall length is 8-3/8”. The weight of the product thus involved is 1.2 ounces which is equivalent to 34 grams.


  1. Lifelong warranty
  2. Low maintenance and highly durable sharpness
  3. 440 A stainless steel blade fitted


  1. Hard to sharpen 


There is no doubt that Cutco is the best when it comes to a knife. The evergreen marketing and customer friendly deals make it one of the most favorable and trusted brands in terms of the knife market. There is much need for trust in today’s sales angle and Cutco stands right in front of all. The blades of the Cutco knives are highly engineered and is one of the main USP of the company as per customer rating.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. How to sharpen Cutco knives?

The sharpening of the Cutco knife is so good that it doesn’t demand the next sharpening for a longer period, whereas the company provides a forever program through which you can acknowledge the concern without even single paperwork.

Q2. Why are Cutco knives so expensive?

Cutco knives are not expensive with respect to the quality it offers. We can state as they are competitive, the knives are highly engineered and the material, thus used is of very high quality providing better results and safety of the customer.

Q3. What are Cutco knives made of?

Cutco knife is made of the 2 combining material i.e. the blade is made of generally a carbon stainless steel whereas the handle is of Resin material which provides stability and absorption free layer, this will leave a long-lasting new look on the product.