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When Must A knife Be Cleaned And Sanitized?

Well, there cannot be a specific answer to this question as the answer depends totally on various factors. While it is always good to clean and sanitize a knife, some knives need more cleaning and sanitation than others. The specification in cleaning and sanitizing the knife leads us to mainly three scenarios that decide the level of cleaning and sanitation needed.

If you are only using the knife for filleting a fish and for no purpose else plus you are the only person using it, then you can wash it after the full usage. This can be taken as the first scenario

When Must a Knife be Cleaned and Sanitized?

If you are using your knife for more than one purpose but you are still the only person using it then this leads us to the second scenario. If you are using it for different food items like raw meat and vegetables then you need to wash it after each food item. That is after cutting meat, you should wash it before using it for cutting vegetables. Plus always try to use a different cutting board also for different food items.

The third scenario is the most crucial one, it arises when there are multiple users involved. In this case, we actually don’t know whether the knives used are sanitized or washed properly. If it is done then well and good but if not then it is really important to clean and sanitize it.

Why It Is important This Work Is

Well, we are living in a world that is striving with diseases spread through bacteria and viruses. Almost in every case, it is spread through food or hand contact. Knives are used to cut various food items and other things, by various people. If not washed properly these can be home to the various disease spreading or even life-threatening bacteria and viruses. Even the germs can be transferred through hands by handles of the knives. So it is really important and crucial to clean and sanitize the knives.

What Should Be The Frequency Of Washing The Knife?

As discussed earlier in the blog this totally depends upon the scenario of usage. If you are the single user and the knife is only used on one particular food item, then you can use it till you finish the cutting. When using the knife on different items and if a single user then washes it after every food item usage. If multiple users and multiple items it is always advisable to use it before any use. Also always clean the knife on the first usage or using it after a while.

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What is the proper way to clean a knife?

Cleaning the knife is nothing short of an art. But no worries this art can be mastered by anyone. The two major things to keep in mind while cleaning or even while sharpening the knife with a fillet knife sharpener is proper procedure and safety. The best option is to clean the knife by hand, but you must also avoid being cut by the knife. The safest way to clean the knife is to grab it by its handle, this depletes any chances of cutting or accidents. The handles of the knives are a notorious source of accumulating dirt and food debris so make sure to clean these spots and scrape out any food particles or dirt trapped there. The choice of detergent is also a major point to consider while sanitizing the knife as a wrong detergent usage can damage the quality and consistency of the knife beyond repair. A mild detergent is best and accurate for this purpose.

The washing process is rather easy and always in this loop of order, first rinse your blade, then apply the mild detergent and then holding the knife with handle rinse it to clean off all the detergent thoroughly. Always check for the handles to see that they are devoid of any buildup and then dry it completely before placing it at its storage.

What Are Some Important Steps To Consider While Cleaning And Washing A Knife?

As stated earlier the washing of the knife is an art and if mastered this art can keep you and your household, restaurant or anyone related to your cooking always healthy and active. There are certain little but important points that one should always keep in mind while cleaning the knives.

  • The cleaning boards should always be given as much importance in cleaning as the knives.

  • Always inspect your knife for any food debris, dirt or stains from top to the tip both before and after washing.

  • Always make sure that after cleaning your knife is dry to the core.

  • Always make sure that you keep your knife sharp using a good knife sharpener

  • Always use a mild and good detergent while cleaning the knife.


Cleaning and sanitizing the knife is a must-do activity, which should not be avoided at any cost. Your life literally depends upon it. A clean knife leads to cleaner and healthier food and also helps in the longevity of the knife. A clean knife is a chef's delight and speaks volumes about your character as a chef or food enthusiast.