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Bubba Blade Reviews

As a vivid angler, I just love Bubba blade, my love for this amazing piece of finesse increases when I know for a fact that this blade is recommended by doctors also. The doctors love this blade because of its unique handles, but I like them and always recommended them because of their amazing skill in filleting fish, especially catfish and redfish. I got my first introduction to this piece of beauty through a random Google search on best fillet knife reviews, here I was fascinated by the potential this knife possesses. Now with years of using this blade, I can with confidence state my best 4 picks. Select yours based on your requirements and liking:

Bubba Blade 9 Inch Fillet Flex Knife With Non-Slip Handle:

This beauty is my top pick when it comes to bubba blades.

Safe And Easy To Handle:

When it comes to filleting the fish this knife has no parallels. First, it comes with a non-slip handle which makes it safe, accident-proof and providing excellent control over-usage. The overall length of this blade stands at 15 inches with the blade part covering 9 inches, which is excellent for filleting. While cutting it provides safety from spines and blades of the fish thanks to its added safety features.

Reliable, Strong And Durable

The main reason I love this bubba blade is because of its 8Cr13MoV blade which makes cutting or filleting so much easy and effortless that you would fall in love with it instantly. It incurs zero meat loss while cutting and provides the best filleting output. One of the frustrating problems that the fish lovers or chefs face is the cutting through the scales, which takes a lot of energy and time.

Convenient And Effortless Usage

This Bubba blade is the solution to that also as the Ti-Nitride coated blade which is also rust-resistant easily cuts through the fish scale. The extra-sharp tip on this Bubba knife makes the effort all the easier. Overall this is an excellent fillet knife and once you use it you would never use another fillet knife in your life.


Great quality and highly durable

Incredibly sharp and strong

Great grip

Teflon coated


Too big is size

Bubba Blade Tapered 9 Inch Fillet Flex Knife With Non-Slip Handle:

This is my top pick for tapered Bubba blade, it is the most reliable blades I have come across

Easy To Use And Handle:

The non-slip grip is very effective especially when you are working in wet conditions. The slip-on handle can be very dangerous and can lead to physical injury by cutting your hands or finger. This Bubba blade also provides you with a trigger like a shape that helps you get a secure grip while cutting or filleting the fish of any size. Which makes it an ideal choice for filleting the fish.

Bubba Blade Tapered 9 Inch Fillet Flex Knife With Non-Slip Handle

Durable And Safe:

This blade is also 15 inches in overall length and the blade is of 9 inches. This blade also features safety for the protection against the spines and blades of the fish, which is really great for any angler or even chef. This blade has super thin 8Cr13MoV which makes it perfect for precision cutting. Cuts through the meat of the fish with ease and endures no meat loss in the process.

Rust-Resistant And Non-Stick:

This Bubba blade is coated with Ti-Nitride which makes it rust-resistant and ideal for working in wet areas or conditions. The blade is designed to make smooth cuts and thus makes it stay clean in the process, making it non-stick. Overall this is the best-tapered fillet knife in its category.


Great quality hold and edge

Great flex

Very good for fine cutting

Quality built and highly durable


Teflon coating wears off after frequent usage

Bubba Blade Stiff 9 Inch Knife With Non-Slip Handle:

Now This One Is For The Heavier Cuts.

Best For Carving And Cutting:

This Bubba blade is on the heavier side, although it has the same length of 15 inches and a blade length of 9 inches still the thickness of the blade is 2mm, which makes it heavier and best for cutting bigger fish or even game. The sharpness of the blade added with the thickness of the blade makes it the best blade for carving the meat. The beveled sushi chef style edge which is the USP of this knife makes thinner cuts.

Bubba Blade Stiff 9 Inch Knife With Non-Slip Handle

Sharp And Non-Stick:

This blade is class apart and is an excellent choice for anglers as well as the hunters which makes it an excellent utility knife. The 8Cr13MoV blade which is very thin yet sharp cuts through the meat and fish alike with so precision and finesse that it leaves no stains behind. The design of the blade makes the movement of the cutting so precise that this blade can be classified as nonstick in nature.

Durable And Rust-resistant:

This blade is also coated with Ti-Nitride which makes it a rust-proof knife. This also makes it ideal for cutting through the meat of a bigger fish as well as the hunting game you caught. The cutting or filleting dine by this knife is so precise that you would not have any wastage in meat quantity.


Great knife for filleting big fish or meat

Well balanced and easily maneuvered

Highly durable and rustproof

Easy handling


Not great for smaller fish

Bubba Blade 7 Inch Flex Fillet Tapered Fishing Knife:

The Best Blade For Tapering Fish:

Safe and easy to handle:

This is a 13 inches blade with 7 inches of raw power blade. Like all Bubba blades, this also boasts of the non-slip handle with added safety for easy handling and accident-free usage. The trigger grip handle makes it perfect to use in wet conditions and perfect partner in your fishing expeditions. It also is designed to protect you from the fish’s sine and spikes.

Bubba Blade 7 Inch Flex Fillet Tapered Fishing Knife

Sharp And Durable:

It is also made with 8Cr13MoV blade which is super thin and super sharp making it an ideal weapon to fillet the fish and make sharp cuts without any effort or danger. With this sharpest knife you can easily cut the bigger 20 inches like redfish and black drum with ease. It penetrates the tough scales with ease.

Tough And Non-Stick:

The blade is Tin coated or Ti-Nitrite coated which makes it rust-resistant. It is also a tough knife that can be used roughly in any manner. The tapered edge makes it precise for cleaning even a pan size fish. Even if you fish in saltwater or freshwater this blade can endure any type of water condition. The toughness of the blade combined with sharpness makes it a perfect knife filleting and anyone can fillet the fish with ease with this knife in hand.


Comfortable to hold and use

Sturdy and smooth

Great for filleting big 20 inches more fishes


Bit bulky


Bubba blades are a known name among anglers, hunters and adventure seekers. They make the finest blades when it comes to filleting. I have personally used these blades and found these ones to be the best in class. The only issues that come is of knives becoming blunt, which can be easily solved with the best fillet knives sharpener. So if you are a vivid angler like me and love to enjoy the fruits of your fishing expeditions with relish and joy, do get a good bubba fillet blade and get the finest fish fillets. Do share the recipes though.