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Best Victorinox Knife In 2021

Top Model Of Victorinox Kitchen Knife


On first glance I didn’t think the Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set looked like much, but after I gave one of the knives a try I quickly changed my mind.  While it looks a little lackluster on the outside, this set hides five knives and a pair of kitchen shears that make short work of whatever I have to cut.  I work as a cooking instructor so I’m no stranger to knife sets, and I’ve been very impressed with the strength and sharpness of the high carbon, no-stain steel blades.  Each blade runs the full length of the knife for the best in strength and balance.  The black fibrox handles are ergonomic, which means I can keep chopping for as long as I need to without wrist strain. There’s even a sharpening steel included so I can be sure my knives will stay as sharp as they were when they first arrived.  I’m very happy with this set and would definitely recommend it to my students (or anyone else looking for a good knife set).

Victorinox 6 Boning Knife


  • Knife Variety: This set comes with five of the most common kitchen knives.  There’s a 10 inch slicing, an 8 inch bread, an 8 inch chef’s, a 6 inch boning, and a 4 inch paring.  These knives run the gamut of kitchen tasks, so there’s very little I can’t handle with one of these knives.  They all fit into the included wooden block, keeping them clean and safe.
  • Handles: When I fist looked at the handles on these knives I wasn’t too impressed.  Once I tried them, though, I have to say I changed my mind!  They’re sized really well, making them comfortable for both my husband and I to use.  They’re also ergonomically designed, so they’re comfortable to use for an extended period of time.
  • Lightweight: This is another great thing about these knives. Because they’re stamped instead of forged they’re very light compared to other knives.  This saves on strain when preparing a large amount of foods.  I used to dread having to prepare ingredients for large meals and dinner parties.  Now it’s quite easy to get all the materials I need ready to go.
  • Extras: I already mentioned that the knives come with a wooden storage block, but there are a couple of other handy extras included in the set.  There’s a set of kitchen shears, which are great to have on hand.  There’s also a sharpening steel that fits into the block right along with the knives.  This keeps the knives sharp no matter how many times I use them.


  • Appearance: I’ll be honest – these knives don’t look like much.  The handles are kind of boring and they really don’t do much to spice up a kitchen.  If you’re looking for something beautiful you may want to look elsewhere.  If you want knives that work without wasting time on appearance, you’ll love them!
  • Paring Knife is a Little Big: I’m used to 3 or 3 ½ inch blades for paring knives.  A 4 inch one seems a little big to me.  This is all a matter of preference, though.  I actually went and bought a couple Victorinox three inch paring knives and use those instead.  No problems with that!

This set reminds me of another set of knives I’ve used at work – the Chicago Cutlery Fusion 18-Piece Knife Set.  The Chicago set is bigger, but much of its bulk is from steak knives, not kitchen knives.  Both sets have similar knives included.  The big difference is the knives in the Chicago knives are forged, while the Victorinox knives are stamped.  This means that the Chicago knives are powerful and heavy, while the Victorinox knives are lighter and easier to use over a long period of time.  I guess it all comes down to personal preference on which one is better!

I’ve been really happy with my Victorinox 8 Piece Knife Block Set.  It has everything I need to complete just about any common kitchen task.  The scissors, storage block, and sharpening steel are useful accessories that are definitely earning their keep.  The handles are simple yet comfortable and the knives have excellent balance and maneuverability.  They’re a great choice for just about any kitchen, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.