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The Top 5 Best Scuba Dive Knives For 2021 (Buying Guide Included)

Emergencies can knock the scuba divers whenever they are in deep waters and the best scuba knife is a must carry. Many types of scuba dive knives with distinctive features are available from where you can choose. The scuba dive knives are handy and specialised tools to make your diving experience safer and easier.

A good quality knife will certainly make you handle situations like the entanglement in the fish net or natural growth in the waters. The marine conditions are uncertain so its wise to carry a knife that will prove of utmost help for a scuba diver. We have tried to list down the top-rated ones after studying and considering their features in detail.

1. Promate Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife (4 3/8″ Blade) Straps And Sheath

The Promate Scuba Dive knife is made with titanium and comes in an easy grip rubber molded handle, and is also equipped with adjustable straps and sheath. This sharp blade knife comes with corrosion resistant and it is a knife of full size. The line cutter on the opposite side and also features a full tang blade that has a partially serrated edge. The grip of the knife is of durable rubber and features a titanium butt. This can be easily used as a tank banger or hammering while signalling underwater.

scuba dives knifeA blunt or a drop point tip design are the features of the knife blade, and the blunt design can assist you as a screw driver too. This is constructed with plastic sheath (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and features a double button for a smooth push release. This facilitates a double secure lock and has rubber leg straps that are corrosion proof and durable.

The Good:

A dive knife that is full sized with a blade length of 4.45″ (11.3 cm) and overall length is 9.45″ (24 cm)
The blade is made of titanium blade and has an easy grip handle that is rubber molded
This is light in weight
Features a titanium hammer on handle bottom
Comes in a generic box packing

The Bad:

Doesn’t fit in the sheath

2. Aqua Lung Big Squeeze – Titanium Knife

The Aqua Lung big squeeze is a great titanium knife that is preferred all over the world by scuba divers. This features a lock design that is secure and helps in offering quick and easy release. The handle can be used with a simple squeeze and also has a patented squeeze lock design. The Big squeeze has an 8.9cm (3 “) blade with an overall length of 17.8cm (7”). This comes with an easy mounting quality that can be integrated to connection points to most of the BC’s (Aqua Lung).

titanium diving knives

The knife is made of a stainless-steel blade with a great cutting ability and is corrosion-resistant titanium version. Amazing locking mechanism that locks the knife securely in the sheath. The knife can be released with a minimum squeeze of the handle and is one of the best rated for functionality and security. This possesses a nylon handle with a fiberglass-fill and can also be used as a wire-cutter.

The Good:

A knife with a great cutting ability and is made of a stainless-steel blade
Features an amazing locking mechanism that keeps the knife secure in the sheath
The overall length is of 9.5 inches
This is a corrosion resistant version and has smooth and serrated edges
Features drain holes in the sheath and has lanyard holes
Nylon handle and leg strap channels make it more durable

The Bad:

A great tool with no negatives as such

3. Spyderco Atlantic Salt Lightweight Folding Knife – FRN Handle With SpyderEdge Hollow Grind

The Spyderco folding knife is one of the best scuba dive knives that can be used for different purposes. An extraordinary knife that is made of the finest Japanese steel and the use of nitrogen in place of carbon. A great steel matrix is made with this an dis impervious to rust. A great steel that gets tougher with use and doesn’t require any heat treatment. The blade material is of superior quality and the folder design is sheep foot, that makes this knife a versatile knife.

scuba dive knife

The knife features a 14 mm round hole and allows an efficient cutting, safe and is large, can be opened with wet or gloved hands too. Any pitting or rust cannot budge these knives at all. The handle is reinforced with a fiberglass and is made of nylon that confirms a grip that’s non-slippery. The lock mechanism is safe, secure and strong and has a locking lever of David Boye making it more reliable. The black titanium clip is reversible and is supportive of tie-up carry of left- or right-hand side. You can use it freely with the help of a lanyard.

The Good:

This has the capability to tackle rust even with the ground breaking use
Features a fiberglass reinforced handle and is light in weight
The knife has 4.59 inches when closed with a blade length of 8.27 inches and blade steel of 3.68 inches with a hollow grind
The Spyderco has two-step serration patterns
Features a pocket clip with a secure lock up mechanism
The knife can be freely used in the water as has a lanyard

The Bad:

The knife has issues with the latch

4. TUSA FK-940 X-Ppert II (Titanium Dive Knife)

The TUSA FK-940 is a marvellous knife for scuba diving use and is made of titanium. A knife that is corrosion resistant and features a drop point blade of 4.5-inch. The handle is ergonomic with a rubberized grip, with a unique design and a counterweight. The handle size is 5-inch and also has a push button lock release. The TUSA has a smooth edge and has serrations that can be used as a wire cutter also.

dive knife reviews

The buckle and strap come with an easy adjustable feature along with a comfortable fit. Can be disassembled with ease for cleaning. The knife is equipped with a tank tapping mini-hammer that is at the handle base. The single button sheath lock release makes it safer and reliable. The diver can use it with ease in the depth of waters as this won’t slip.

The Good:

A knife that is corrosion-resistant with a drop point blade of titanium
Features a push-button sheath lock release
This can be easily disassembled for cleaning
A tank tapping mini hammer is present at the handle base
Comes with a smooth and serrated edge along with a wire cutter
The buckle is easy-to adjust and allows a comfortable fit

The Bad:

Might get scratches with time

5. Cressi Borg, Long Blade Knife For Diving And Spearfishing Knife With Pointed & Blunt Tip

The Cressi Borg is an amazing knife made of Japanese steel 304 with a tempered blade. The knife is modern robust and has a futuristic design. This has different edges, one -side straight and the other one with serrations along the blade. Both the types of edges can be used for line cutting and is sharp and effective. The handle has a non-slip feature with an ergonomic design, firm grip that can be handled while wearing gloves also. A techno-polymer thumb tab of small size is used to separate it from the blade. The locking mechanism is great and allows one-hand release with ease.

tactical dive knife

Two standard issue straps can make it hold securely to your leg and are a part of the sheath. The total length is 10.43 inches, blade length is 5.51 inches, the blunt tip version has a total length of 10.0 inches, with a blade length of 5.0 inches. Designed in Italy and made in Taiwan this knife is made with intelligent engineering. This covers a limited warranty of 2 years.

The Good:

The knife is made of stainless steel and is straight-edged from one side and serrated from the other
A sharp and effective knife for cutting
The sheath has an amazing locking mechanism
A knife of a great brand from Italy that speaks volumes of quality
The handle is ergonomic with a grip that has a non-slip feature

The Bad:

Can get rusted after use

Consider The Following Before Buying

The characteristics of the knife should be well known to you before you buy your knife. Let us dive in further and know what all should be known prior to choosing the best scuba dive knife.

The Size:

The knife you buy should have a size that supports you with its measurement rather that being heavy. You should be able to store it with ease for the task you are buying it for. A manageable length is always recommended that is easy and not bulky to carry. The blade size of 3 to 6 inches can be used for cutting net or rope.

The Edge:

The knives are different and so are their edges, varying from straight to serrated. Sawing actions can be performed with more efficiency with the help of serrated edged knife. Many knifes that are designed these days possess both and if a knife has a wire-cutter notch then it is certainly a good feature.

The Handle Butt:

The knives with protruding extensions can be used as a hammer or even to divert and get the attention of someone by banging the tanker when required. The waters can be risky so this feature also carries a great value.

The Tip:

The tips of the knives also come with a different construction, are sharp and pointed or blunt. The knives that have a blunt tip can help you do tasks of a screwdriver or prying and can be used as a different tool altogether. They are safe to carry as won’t harm or make a hole.

The Blade material:

The scuba dive knives are exposed to water all the time and this can cause corrosion and knife rusting. The knives that are made of stainless-steel blade and have a high-carbon count offer non-rusting qualities. Titanium blade knives [prove to be the best and have been discussed in this article too for you. Since sharpening is not feasible inside the water, they should be able to hold the edge so a premium quality material constructed knife that can bear the salty marine conditions is highly preferred.

The Attachments, Sheaths, and Holders:

When you are carrying a knife as a scuba diver then you may require clips, pockets to store and keep the knife safe from dropping into the water. You should be able to have the knife as a complete assistant by attaching it to your leg or thigh and the straps can help then. The locking mechanism with the sheath also provides great benefit. These features help in keeping the intact and holding it in place safely. Some of them can be attached to the BCD also for easy usage.

The Summary:

Concludingly, the scuba dive should possess qualities that make it work out of the world. We all know that the marine conditions are salty and slippery for knives. A huge variety is at your disposal for you to make the right and a wise choice. They should feature impressive characteristics that are sturdy and durable. Choose the best and be ready for the extraordinary scuba diving experience with the best knives made ever.

Dive safe and feel great!!