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Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners – 2021 Top Models Reviewed!

If you are an outdoor person who loves to camp a lot, then you must be familiar with the importance of pocket knife sharpeners.

Many people think knife sharpeners are only used for sharpening the knives only. But this is not a complete fact. A good pocket knife sharpener can be used for sharpening the steel, stones and the knife hone.

It is one of the ideal tools and can be considered as your partner who will not only provide sharp edges and helps to enhance the longevity of the knife.

But in the modern world, the biggest challenge faced by a potential buyer is how to find out which one is the best pocket knife sharpener available out there?

While choosing any of pocket knife sharpeners, do consider their important factors like size, weight, multi-functionality and the quality.

Keeping the above question in mind, we have read hundreds of reviews and prepared a complete guide for you containing all the necessary information to be kept in mind while buying a pocket knife sharpeners.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Compact Knife Sharpeners

battery operated fillet knife

  • Comfortable to Use

  • Reversible and Replaceable

  • Highly Durable and Multi-functional

best electric fillet knife

  • Easy to use

  • Super convenient for small blades

  • Light and Easy to Carry

rapala cordless fillet knife

  • Work W/T All Sorts of Blades

  • Best Suited for Light Service

  • Fast Maintenance and Reconditioning

Types of knife sharpeners:

All knives will lose their sharpness after a certain period of time no matter which brand or the quality of the knife you are using. But the best first in buying a knife sharpener is to get know to about what kind of knife sharpener you are really looking forward.

There are 4 types of sharpeners available:

StoneSteelHonesElectric Sharpener

This is one of the oldest and most efficient knife sharpeners of all the times. The sharpener comes with the potential to remove a lot of material by using a knife as conventional knives were an-inch thick and were mainly used for hard material like diamonds. These sharpeners are handy to use only if you are dealing with extremely blunt blades.

The name of the knife sharpener creates confusion sometimes among the consumers. This specific type of knife sharpeners deals only in sharpening the blades which aren’t completely blunt.

A long rod of usually steel or ceramic removes only the desired amount of material which helps to realign the blade to its original form.

This type of sharpener uses steel or stone to sharpen the knives and comes in a variety of shapes, style and sizes. They work similarly to sharpening steel removing only the desired amount of material.

Although these types of knife sharpeners are not so good and useful in sharpening a knife which is completely dull but they can still work well as outdoor knife sharpeners since they can hone and polish the blade.

As the name suggests, this type of sharpener uses electrical motors which spin in order to sharpen the blades. They are highly popular and demanding among the consumers because of their speed and convenience they provide.

But a major drawback faced by its user is that they are bulky to carry and more suitable for sharpening the kitchen knives

Detailed Reviews

1. Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Sharpener

This is one of the most light-weighted and efficient pocket knife sharpeners present out in the world. This tiny wonderful tool comprises of the carbide blades which helps to ensure that this can work flawlessly on both dull and damaged knives.

The ceramic stone is used to ensure that the blade has a smooth, polished and sharp edge. The combined use of ceramic and carbide blades enhances the quality of work and helps increases the life of the knife. The sharpener is reversible and replaceable which marks another important feature.

The low and easy maintenance of the knife sharpeners simples requires cleaning with a damp cloth and after the use wipe it again with a towel without any use of water.

Note: This multifunctional product is an excellent choice for all those people who are nature lovers or for an outdoor enthusiast.


  • Comfortable and easy to use

  • Reversible and replaceable product.

  • Speed up sharpening.

  • Provides sharp and clear edges.


  • Most of the users are satisfied with this.

2. Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The easy to use this pocket knife sharpener is best for those who aren’t having much experiencing in sharpening knives. The excessive big diamond rod could be the only disadvantage of this sharpener but it makes the process of reconditioning the blades faster and easier.

The product comes with the tungsten carbide and ceramic V sharpeners set which restores the sharpness of the blades after three or four strokes.

The product is an excellent choice if you work it with standard, serrated, gut hook, and fillet knives.

Lansky PS-MED01, the durable and efficient pocket knife sharpener also includes a serrated ceramic knife sharpener that can get inside the smallest serrations.


  • Better results in sharpening serrated tools.

  • Works with almost all knife blades.

  • Durable and reliable.

  • Provides firm and steady grip while sharpening.

  • Comes under the price affordable ranges.


  • The diamond rod isn’t so good.

  • Might need extra care and attention while working with serrated tools.

3. Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

This knife comes in the category of best knife sharpeners because of its handy and easy to carry nature. The coarse ceramic oval rod of this pocket knife sharpener is perfect for medium sharpening of the knife.

The product is designed as V- style pulls through sharpeners which can be used by any individual ensuring the ease and comfort of the individual. The product can be cleaned by simply using warm water with a nylon scrub pad.

The sharpeners also come with a draining hole which ensures complete dryness of the product.

In addition to all the great features, the company provides the lifetime warranty of the product. This product is definitely a great and the right purchasing option for you if you are looking for a concealable knife sharpener which can help you everywhere no matter where you are heading off. The product looks like a pen which has a cap ensuring the 100% safe and easy to carry in your pocket. The product has a pocket clip and it also looks very stylish.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting product.

  • Portable size.

  • Does not require much maintenance.

  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Requires a lot of patience while working with this product as it needs proper angles for sharpening.


All of the above-mentioned pocket knife sharpeners are best in terms of both the quality and type of work they provide. While choosing any of pocket knife sharpeners, do consider their important factors like size, weight, multi-functionality and the quality. This product can be very useful if used properly.