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The Karambit knife is from Southeast Asia, and a good one to own and add in your collection. An attractive knife to look at and is perfectly functional too. Way back in the 11th century this curved and double-edged knife originated from Indonesia. There were and can be used in varied applications such as camping, fishing, and hunting and even for home purposes. It was initially designed with the inspiration from the claw of a large cat (tiger).

These knives are popular and found all over the world, though they are manufactured with modernity today. The article shows you the varied types of Karambit knife and their features. This is the gift of the booming trade of the ancient times that spread this knife to different countries.


This knife is legal to use and many of the states have no restrictions for it. Any legal implications of any sort do vary from region to region. You should always adhere to the legal rules and regulations of the state you stay in and can also find out at the website of the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI). It is vital to check with the laws always.


The Karambit is different from the usual knives as it is used for self-defense and hunting, camping and many other uses. While the usual knives just fit in for daily and regular uses. The shape of the knife is another thing that makes it look and function differently. This is a sharp-edged knife that is curved to provide you the maximum utility.



  • Longest

  • Durable

  • Comfortable Handle


  • Perfect For Hunting

  • Easy And Safe Carry

  • Higher Grade Material


assisted opening tactical knives

  • Sharpest

  • Most Compact

  • Unique Design

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best karambit


Anyone who is looking for a simple knife that has combative qualities then this knife is a great one to invest in. The Tactical Vulcan Gear is a knife which features a length of 7.5-inch and a stainless-steel blade of 4.5-inch.

The knife can be used for close combat situations and self-defense too. The blade of the knife is sharp and single-sided and is attached to an ergonomic handle. Solid rubber is used for its construction that provides a grip that is non-slippery.

A safety grip at the handle base is another good feature that makes it unique and different from the usual knives.

You can keep this knife concealed in your neck too, as this is equipped with a sheath that is sliding and a nylon cord makes the hanging easy. The knife can also be used as a glass breaker. The people with not so large hands can’t grip this knife with ease while using. A great and unique knife that can be used for multi-purposes.



  • A knife that has a stainless-steel blade of 4-inch.

  • This is a sharp blade that can be used for any emergency situations.

  • A sheath and nylon cord are attached to it.

  • This features a non-slip and firm rubber handle.

  • The finger hole or the safety ring.


  • Not a double-sided blade.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best fixed blade karambit


The SK KFD359 is one of the most economical of all Karambit knives on our list. This is constructed uniquely with a stainless steel blade (440) and is durable. You can slit through things of varied types with ease.

The knife also possesses a plastic handle of ABS and the finger grooves also help in giving maximum ease and comfort while holding and using. A handy sheath like a necklace is also a part of this knife and enables easy storage.

This also comes with an easy accessing feature so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want. The loop pommel is of steel at the handle end that helps in retention and swing.

The knife is best suited for martial arts trainers due to its built and design. Blade material, length and the design make it more unique and the knife is sturdy to use. If someone is shopping for a cheap knife then this is also a good option.



  • The construction of the knife is durable and of 440 stainless steel.

  • This features a finger loop that is sturdy and is for retention and swinging.

  • The plastic handle is comfortable and has finger grooves.

  • Easy access is possible with a handy necklace sheath.


  • Doesn’t have a good sheath quality.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

karambit folding knife


The Mtech MT670 is another knife that come with a price tag that is affordable to buy. The knife comes with impressive features. The knife is made of steel of premium quality and is robust.

The knife is designed in a one solid piece and this prevents aby bending while you cut. This comes under the category of cheap knives. The handle has a paracord wrapped that makes the grip firm and comfortable.

The MT670 boasts of its sharpening quality and can be used immediately after buying. This ready to use knife also has a storage sheath that is convenient. Style, self-defense, and overall appearance is extraordinary of this knife. Anyone who is seeking an affordable price tag and a ready to use sharp knife than can buy this one without any doubts. Check out our extensive Mtech reviews for more options>>>



  • A knife that is aggressively sharp and ready to use.

  • Constructed with durable steel and blade and high-quality material.

  • The handle is paracord-wrapped and is comfortable.

  • The product features a storage sheath provides convenience.


  • The hanging paracord might get in your way.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

best folding karambit


A knife that is constructed with amazing craftsmanship and looks fabulous. Not only the looks but it functions marvellously. The knife features a folding ring at the end and is a foldable one.

The handle is bigger than the blade, and you can fold and keep it secretly. The exceptional TAC Force is a durable construction as the handle and blade are made with hard material.

This unique knife is sharp and lubricated when you put it to use. This is equipped with a clip on its back side and can be used for hooking. An amazingly fast release mechanism that makes it stand out of the crowd.

This tactical knife that is easy to conceal and looks sturdy with amazing sharpness and ability. A knife that is well balanced and with a feel that is excellent. This is not so heavy to carry and the size is compact too.



  • A quality knife with a great folding design and an excellent feel.

  • This features a fast lock release with a clip at the back.

  • A blade that is sharpened and lubricated.

  • This ready to use knife comes in a folding deign and can be concealed easily.

  • This tactical knife is made of hard material.

  • A lightweight and compact knife.


  • It has a reverse clip and requires time to pull.

  • Two hands are required for resetting it.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

tactical karambit

5. MTECH USA – MX-8140BT

The MX-8140BT is a great fixed blade, sturdy and a quality blade knife. This is constructed with material that is thick and of premium quality. This features a blade of 4-inch and is 5 mm thick and the handle is 5.25 inch and thickness is 6 mm.

Equipped with a beautiful black and gray handle this knife looks extraordinary. The knife has a length of 9.25 inches and is one of the longest as compared to the other knives. A large finger hole is at the end, that makes it safe to use.

This provides better control and also has a nylon sheath. This knife can be easily stored and carried anywhere. It can be used for self-defense and is amazing to cut any materials. They are also called Survival missions or hunting knives . This one is my favorite of the ones who want to experience adventure.



  • A knife that gives an aesthetic feel with a brown blade.

  • Features a thick handle of 6mm gray and black.

  • The hole is large enough to provide you with good control.

  • Can be easily stored and transported with black nylon sheath.


  • The blade is not sharp.

  • The sheath is of low quality.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

edc karambit


A knife that is not so expensive and fits easily in your budget. The E419-PP is constructed with durable material of polypropylene and has a tip that is round in shape. A knife that is extremely safe to use and features a curved handle.

Also features a finger ring for better control and is a very light weight construction. The blade points downward when held in hand and curves forward from the fist bottom. This one is used in hooking motion or slicing ones and can also be used in punching motions.

The finger ring of the knife can be used to hit the opponent too. Manufactured with quality material, this knife is made with lead and phthalate free material.

This has a steeper curvature than the other knives. An excellent knife and is best suited for martial art trainers, tactical training or anyone who wants to learn its handling before buying one.



  • It has a safe polypropylene construction.

  • The blade is black and has a rounded tip.

  • Durable, light and a well-balanced knife.

  • The handle is curved and the finger ring enables better control.


  • Different from other traditional Karambit knives and has a steep curvature.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

cool karambits


The Cold Steel FGX has a blade thickness of 7.5 mm and a handle of 4.5 inches in length and the blade length is 4-inch. The overall length of the knife is 8 ½ “and the weight distribution of the knife is excellent.

The blade style is Hawkbill and the steel used for the blade construction is grivory. This knife has a fibreglass reinforcement providing more stability and robustness to this knife.

This night shade knife is light in weight and is impervious to heat, moisture, hot, cold or any adverse conditions. The knife weighs 2.3-ounce and for long term durability they are UV and heat stabilised.

The handle is a checkered one that makes the grip firm and comfy for the user. The Cold Steel is an excellent knife for self-defense and in case you are looking for something to put off the attackers then you should buy this.



  • The knife comes with an excellent weight distribution.

  • Manufactured with quality material that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • The plastic is fibreglass reinforced and UV treated for long life span.

  • The handle is deeply checkered for a tacky and firm grip.

  • The blade is very thick of 7.5 mm.


  • Not suitable for cutting.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

karambit knives


The FadeCase Karambit is one of the expensive knives from the list and is worth it. The knife is constructed with ABS and fiberglass. This tactical knife features an impressive appearance and is sturdy too.

This is constructed with stainless-steel (420) and is quite sharp when you buy it. The titanium finish of the knife is just mesmerising and the design is inspired by CSGO. It is a unique series and is crafted to perfection.

The knife has a beautiful box and is used as a collector, a lanyard and a sheath. Every knife has a logo that is diamond engraved along with a serial number. A unique knife that is available in varied color options. The knife features multiple blades and finger ring options. If you seriously want great quality and are ready to spend some good amount then this is the best product I suppose.



  • A durable and sturdy knife that is made of 420 stainless-steel.

  • Has a fiberglass handle and a high-quality ABS sheath.

  • The gold lettered logo and serial number makes this knife a unique one.

  • This features multiple blade and finger ring options.

  • This is a unique knife that is designed to perfection.


  • Handle might be small for adults.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

karambit folding knife


The Vulcan Gear is an amazing Karambit knife that can be used for tactical training and can be used for multiple purposes. The size and the design of the knife is unique and the price is fantastic too.

This best fold Karambit knife can be used for tactical applications and is a knife of premium quality. The overall length of the knife is 6.5 inches and a blade length of 2.5 inches. This facilitates easy and good cutting.

The handle of this knife possesses a fabulous shape and is made with plastic material that is durable. The knife can be used comfortably and the wrapping of the knife is also good and is liked by its users. The knife possesses a perfect weight and balance too. This knife can be used for tactical training and for utility purposes too.



  • The blade is razor sharp and has an excellent construction.

  • The shape of the hilt is excellent.

  • The knife sheathing holds up very well.

  • The handle is durable and comfortable.

  • It features a perfect weight and balance.

  • This can be used for multiple uses for tactical training and utility purposes.


  • Flipping can be affected by protrusion ring.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

what is a karambit knife used for


The Magnolia is another amazing knife from the US that is constructed with quality materials and a titanium gold coating. Extra strength and power are what this knife is famous for. This knife features 7.5 inches (an overall length) and the blade length is 4 inches.

This is also equipped with a sharpener for blade and a lanyard and sheath that assist in carrying and easy storage. The Magnolia can be put for uses such as tactical training, hunting, fishing and other purposes.

This is a full tang knife with a finger hole and can cut almost everything. This provides the user with a great back up and the handle is hard and features an ABS handle. The knife is crafted with great workmanship and is versatile.

The company focuses on quality and providing the best to the users. This also comes with a 100 % refund warranty. A knife which speaks volumes of quality at a solid value and makes all your tasks much easier.



  • From the knife tip to end the construction is of stainless steel.

  • The Titanium gold plating provides it with extra strength.

  • This knife is a well-balanced one and has a perfect length.

  • Lanyard and sheath included.

  • The blade sharpener is also a part of the product.


  • It is light in weight.


Before buying your favorite knife you should look for some aspects and factors that are extremely important. The points mentioned underneath are noteworthy and will help you decide right.

The Blade Material

When we look at these knives, they appear beautiful. But on the other side functionality of the knives is also very important. A solid and quality made blade is required for best performance. If the knife blade is good it won’t break and can be sharpened easily.

small karambit

A superior quality stainless-steel is always a good option to go for. This is a tough and sturdy material and shows anti-corrosion qualities that will not trouble you for sure. The knife sharpeners are also available in the market and a good blade material can be sharpened with ease.

Waterproof and weatherproof quality is also what a good knife should possess and then you can use it conveniently for hunting, camping or utility purposes. Some of the Karambit knife models are designed and crafted with gold coating that makes them look mesmerising and pleasing. They are full of vibrance and aesthetics.

kershaw karambit

The Handle

The handle of the knife has to be firm and with a non-slip quality for ensuring a firm grip. These features handle grooves that are very convenient for your hand and fingers to hold. It should accommodate properly with your hand and fingers and should have suitable thickness for.

In case your hands are bigger, then a model with a 6 mm handle will prove more beneficial to you. Most of these knives are constructed with fiberglass handles and are supposed to be long-lasting and durable. The manufacturers design the knives for your comfort and convenience.

The Blade Length

The length of the blade is also a very important factor. When you use a knife of longer length then you have to apply very less pressure for your task.

The need and the purpose will decide the knife type and the length required by you. Activities such as hunting, camping, fishing require long blades of about 4-inches or more in length.

karambit fixed blade

fixed karambit

The Looks

The looks are not everything but they certainly have an impact on the user. Buy something that appeals to you, as the companies and the manufacturers are constructing these knives with mesmerising looks and aesthetic appeal. These knives have grooves, ridges, coloration and look special than the others in this category. A cool tool that looks elegant too.

Protrusion Ring

It refers to the knob which most of the knives feature and is placed at the end.

They can be used to insert the finger (as a pivot). It becomes important for this to be comfortable and handy for using it.Before buying you should confirm that the protrusion ring is not big and isn’t difficult to manipulate.

The Accessories

For easy accessibility ensure that you get a knife with accessories, such as a good- lanyard, sheath and others. Get a knife that has accessories of good quality and this makes storage and transportation also easy.

The Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, the Karambits are the best knives that are constructed with perfection. Their versatility and uniqueness make them stand apart. When you buy a knife don’t compromise with the quality and look for the features mentioned above. These knives should prove beneficial to you and cater to all your needs and purposes.

Whether you go hunting, camping, fishing or any other utility tasks you can use these amazing knives without any hassles. Now, you can make your adventure more interesting with these amazing and aesthetically appealing knives for sure.

Buy your cool tool soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the knife clips covered under any warranty?

Ans 1. It is best to check with the manufacturer before buying the knife. Usually, the clips are not covered under warranty. Maybe some models might come up with some extra clips or screws for your convenience.

Q2. Owning a Karambit, is it legal?

Ans 2. As discussed in the article above, it becomes very important to follow your state laws, rules and regulations. A concealed carry permit becomes very important in most cases. Though rules greatly vary from state to state, you should adhere to them strictly for avoiding any troubles.

Q3. Why do Karambit knives have a different shape and curvature than the others?

Ans 3. These knives are unique and provide you with multiple uses long with extra access. The knife can be moved in many directions and can be used for hunting, camping, utility and more. Even the most difficult tasks can be performed by these with ease. They are suitable to work in adverse environments too.

Q4. Which Karambit knife is supposed to be the best?

Ans 4. Karambits are quality knives and the best one is that which fits in your needs. This entirely depends on the task you perform, such as a fixed blade knife is a robust one but difficult to carry, while the foldable one is a more concealed knife. Situations are different and you should choose wisely your type of knife.