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5 Best Hunting Knives in the World

sharp hunting knives

If you are out in the woods for some serious or recreational hunting, then owning the hunting knife becomes a necessity. This is an activity which is performed since ages and in today’s modern times too.

Earlier hunting used to be essential for survival and formed the primary source of food. If we talk about today then this is undertaken by many for thrill. Modern day hunting knives have undergone much transformation and transition in their design for your convenience.

Adequate gear is available these days to facilitate this activity. Their fascinating and useful designs, multi-purpose use and a wide variety has gathered much attention world over by the people who carry a passion for hunting.

You need not search anywhere else as we have the best hunting knives listed here, just for you. The comparison matrix will also take care of your knife related queries and the buying guide will also prove of great help altogether.

Personally, I love hunting and have a wonderful collection of some of the best hunting and camping knives. I like and treasure them for many reasons such as their reasonable cost, benefits and more.

We have tested so many and wanted to share some of my reviews regarding the best hunting knives with you. We have categorized them into fixed blade and folding knives.

3 World's Best Hunting Knives : A QUICK COMPARISON


  • Razor Sharp

  • Easy to Sharpen

  • Lightweight


  • Attractive Blade Coating

  • Secure Locking System

  • Convenient Pocketclip


DALSTRONG Sharpest Chef knife

  • Heavy and Tough

  • Full Tang Blade

  • Durable Hard Plastic

     ★ Sharpest Knife Ever ★       

good hunting knife

1.Buck Knives 119 Fixed Blade Knife

Characteristics to appreciate:

  • It has a razor-sharp clip point blade.

  • Overall length of the knife is 10-1/2″ and it weighs 7.5 oz

  • You can carry this knife comfortably anywhere

  • The knife is an American icon which is passed on from one generation to the other.

This is a razor-sharp clip point blade of 6”, constructed from a 420HC steel blade that provides excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance for long lasting durability.

This is a razor-sharp clip point blade of 6”, constructed from a 420HC steel blade that provides excellent strength, edge retention, and corrosion resistance for long lasting durability.

You can use this amazing knife for some detailing work, piercing, cutting in tight places and more. The Buck Knife 119 is easy and comfortable to carry and includes a high-quality protective leather sheath with a snap fastener.

This features a belt-loop which helps in carrying it securely on your belt. The warranty you get with this amazing product from the US is forever, as the company has been associated with their production of the best knives since 1902.

This features a traditional black phenolic handle with palm swells, that offer a comfy grip. A perfect combination of balance with beauty is offered by the aluminum pommel guard. A great knife which is handed over from generation to generation.

     ★ Sharpest Blade in the World ★       

deer skinning knife

2. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Characteristics to appreciate:

  • Versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife.

  • Razor like sharpness made from high-quality Swedish steel

  • Comes with a blade length of 4.1 inches and thickness of 0.1 inch

  • Comes with a color matching plastic sheath, with an in-built drain hole and a strong belt grip

This is another well-renowned brand that has its strong footing in the knife production industry. They have designed wonderful knives that are perfect for camping and hunting.

Most of the customers who have used these throwing knife are all in appreciation of this. Undoubtedly, a high-rated product and is available in various colors. You can pick your choicest color in co-ordination with t your apparatus for hunting or outdoor activity.

This is a versatile fixed-blade knife that works well for food prep, carving, and cutting tinder. This is an exceptionally tough knife (Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel) with razor-like sharpness, and the steel material stays sharper for longer than the carbon steel and less prone to rust.

The patterned high-quality friction grip fits in the hand comfortably and provides greater control, safety, performance, especially in wet and cold conditions. The blade length is 4.1 inches, blade thickness 0.1inch, overall length of 8.6 inches, and weight of 4.1 oz. the color-matching plastic sheath adds all the grace and ease with a sturdy belt grip.

     ★ Sharpest Chef knife ★       

big hunting knife

3. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

Characteristics to appreciate:

  • Ideal knife for regular camper, hiker, or both

  • The KA-BAR BK2 weighs 1.5 pounds only.

  • Possesses an angle of twenty-degree that increases efficiency of slashing through the stuff.

  • The handle is made with hard and light plastic material.

  • Features a quarter inch blade that eliminates the risk of breaking.

This companion fixed blade knife works brilliantly for the ones who hunt, camp, or spend time afield. The knife sits securely in the sheath and for using it you have to release it with your thumb by applying pressure on the back spot of the sheath.

The knife is full tang and used for heavy-duty purposes that are suited for camping chores. This is designed by Ethan Becker, and manufactured by KA-BAR knives Inc. in the United States.

Fine quality glass and nylon are the components that make up the sheath and the blade is of carbon steel. The blade takes up 5 ¼ inches of height and the tang takes ¼ of an inch. The product parts are made up of diverse matter and suitable for many types of tasks. The hard-shell black nylon sheath gives it more control and durability.

     ★ Sharp-Edged Folding Knife ★       

best all around hunting knife

4. Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Tactical Folding Knives

Characteristics to appreciate:

  • A stainless-steel blade with edge and wear resistance.

  • For safe one-handed blade deployment this comes with as assisted opening.

  • Drop-point and partially serrated blade.

  • It features a rich handle with a secure locking liner and convenient reversible pocket clip

  • Most suitable for any hunter, angler, mechanic, gardener, backpacker.

The Kershaw Clash knife is affordable, powerful, all-purpose, and utility knife that manages any task perfectly. This amazing knife features a 3.1″ 8Cr13MoV blade of stainless steel with a black-oxide finish that provides excellent toughness, wear resistance, and edge-retention.

The nylon handle with a textured glass-filled scales offer a solid grip with gentle contour and comfortable to feel in hand. The knife measures 4.25 inch when closed. This drop point blade is partially serrated and works well for cutting rope, cardboard boxes, stripping wire, and more.

A reliable EDC this black clash is a wonderful tool for any mechanic, angler, gardener, hiker, hunter, or anyone. This includes a speed safe assisted opening, with a built-in flipper, secure locking liner and a convenient reversible pocket clip.

     ★ Sharp-Edged Folding Knife ★       

hunting knives brands

5. Gerber Freeman Guide Folding Knife

Characteristics to appreciate:

  • This knife measures 8.1 inch. when open and 4.5 inch, when folded

  • The sheath is made of nylon, and is wear-resistant

  • Handle of the knife is constructed with high-quality material which ensure a safe grip

  • Finger grooves provides ample of room for a proper hold.

  • The Tac hide on lay provides secure grip in all conditions

The need to carry an unstoppable knife like the Gerber is not just for men but women too. This is a true example of the latest technological invention and advancement that is of great use for hunting expeditions, camping, and other tasks.

Made by the experts in the United States, this knife is one it’s kind. This has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The products from Gerber can be defined as problem-solving and life-saving. They are designed to keep specific activities in mind.

The brand flaunts about decades of dedication and innovation for years. The Gerber is a full fine blade with a gut hook. This is easy to carry around and appreciated by the users. As the knives made of steel have more edge-retention and they provide more flexibility when it comes to performing various tasks. The sheath is made of top-notch nylon material and this is certainly an essential part that gets priority.

Finding out the World's Best Hunting knife:

Being aware of what to consider before investing in the best and an appropriate knife is truly essential. The dynamics of the knife should be understood properly beforehand. We have discussed the most crucial factors here for you to understand and revise before you spend your money.

The basic motive

So many types of hunting knives with different types of functions are available and narrowing down your search is an extremely important step that has to be adhered. While on expedition the animal type also dictates the type of knife you buy and use.

There are multi-purpose knives that can be put to varied uses. The knives are designed to handle many things like skinning, deboning, gutting, butchering, and more. It is difficult to carry many at a time, so a versatile knife is welcome always.

It is advisable to go for such type of a knife that is a multi-purpose one and has importance in many ways. You can list down all the uses which your knife will cater to. Having a sheath with the knife is also an important consideration to see.

carbon steel hunting knives

The knife sizes

Whatever work you are going to pursue should be in proportion to the knife size. If you have a small knife that is suitable for hunting, skinning small animals, and the bigger ones are better for significant organisms.

Pick the correct handle type

There are many materials used to construct the hunting knife handle such as bone, leather, bamboo, and wood. So, one has to be careful and check the functionality and usability of the knife properly.

A firm and comfortable grip ensures precise and good cutting or chopping while you perform various tasks. Before the acquisition of the knife, you need to consider about a good quality handle. The handles that are of plastic are easiest to clean and dry.

sharpest hunting knife

high quality hunting knives

The blade designs

The blade designs are also available of various types. From full-tang, to three-quarter tang and partially serrated, they are responsible for providing better strength and stability.

There are drop-point blades for skinning and hunting large animals. The blade which is good for skinning helps in separating the skin from the meat, and helps in saving the resources along with your time too.

While the clip point blade plays may different roles like skinning, cutting of ribs, etc. This is thinner and flatter than the drop point.

Cost of the knife

One needs to do budgeting beforehand, as a good quality knife for hunting will cost a good amount. The knife should be within your budget and should not exceed this.

The World Wide Web reviews also play a key role and as a buyer you come across the reviews of many opinions of different people.

deer field dressing knife

The Wrap Up

A lot of research and thorough consideration is a must before you choose the manufacturer or the brand you think to invest in. The best quality knives have been discussed with their outstanding benefits and drawbacks too.

For ensuring that you are investing in a legitimate product, you should not know their logos and signage too. You can also take care of the recommendations of the other hunters for identifying the best before you order or buy one for your splendid collection.


Which knife caters for all hunting needs?

The answer to this is, no. As there are many different types of tasks to be performed, but one knife cannot cater to all. Though, there are many versatile knives in the market, but they are all not fit for every hunting need.

Are folding knives perfect for hunting?

It is not necessary that any knife which has the folding feature is suitable for hunting. Though, the ones that are mentioned in the article above are folding, and good for hunting too.

Is a full tang knife sufficient for hunting?

For performing any tedious hunting activities, a full-tang knife offers enough strength and stability for most of the hunting needs. If we talk about the weight distribution, then these have a proportional division of weight that add to their utility.