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Best Combat Knives In The World – Reviews And Buying guide

Face any combat situation with confidence with the best combat knives.

Being a part of any emergent situation can be worrying! But these combat knives are designed to perfection that acts as great survival knives to the ones that can even do daily chores or cut through the woods as the need arises.

You can confidently do any kind of hunting, camping, fighting and many other knife-related tasks with comfort and convenience. The quality and features which they exhibit are incredible. Undoubtedly, the best ones that you can utilize the maximum, are listed in the article. These knives are suitable for urban environments and self-defense too.

A variety that is huge! is what the market is offering today, but we have tried to list down some of the best brands especially for you.

Best Pure Fighting Knives: Reviewed in Detail

1. SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath – SEAL Team Survival Knife, Tactical Knife & Hunting Knife

The SOG tactical hunting knife is an amazing knife that performs in any kind of situation with precision and is suitable for any environment. A full tang knife with sheath and is a quality product from the US that is well known among the military groups. The knife is hardened cryogenically and with AUS-8 stainless steel with a non-slip glass-reinforced nylon grip. Since it is supposed to accompany for Navy Seal and should be worth everything.

SOG Fixed Blade Knives

A lot of tests have also been conducted by the US government such as blade toughness, sharpness, edge retention, tip breaking strength and more. This is certainly a knife for life that has an overall length of 12.3 inches with a handle of 10.3 ounces. The SOG is an indestructible, large survival knife that requires zero maintenance. It can be used for varied purposes such as camping, hunting, fighting and comes with a powder coating that works as a protection for the knife.


A knife with razor-like sharpness, fixed blade, full tang with a sheath

This is a 7-inch knife made up of AUS-8 stainless steel

An indestructible knife with a nylon grip handle and requires zero maintenance

Features a tough MOLLE (Modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) and can be used for varied purposes

Can be used as a camping knife, belt knife, outdoor knife and is superior to others


A slightly high-priced knife

2. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black 22-01629

The LMF II Gerber is a quality knife from the US with a smart, versatile and comfortable design. The knife has been designed with thoughtfulness and is a life-saving application. It provides you with immense safety whenever you are in a trying situation. There is a break between the butt cap and the tang with shock-absorbing qualities and provides insulated protection against stray wires. This is so tough that even the fuselage of an aircraft can also be cut.


Gerber LMF II Survival Knife


The sheath is also included in a built-in sharpener and serves perfectly in all environments and situations. This is again an amazing survival knife which is 10”, originally designed to free an aircrew from a downed aircraft. The handle material is TPV over mold with glass-filled nylon. The material of the sheath is ballistic nylon with a fire retardant coating.


A survival knife of 10” that ensures comfort, safety, and versatility

This is tough enough to cut through an aircraft fuselage

The handle material is glass-filled nylon with TPV over mold

A quality product from the US

The purposeful break between the butt cap and the tang provides insulated protection

Features a sheath material which is ballistic nylon with fire retardant coating


The packaging issues

3. KA1214-BRK – USA Fighting Knife

The KA-Bar, a knife that boasts of the highest ratings with five stars is a wonderful knife from the US. This is a 100 % synthetic knife and is used by all branches of service members and the military. A utility that comes in a powerful black color and features edges that are partially serrated. Man-made Kraton G handle can fits conveniently in the hand and the knife is easy to sharpen whenever required. The handle helps in having a tough grip that makes the user confident. The 1095 Crovan steel is used for the construction of the knife.

KA1214-BRK USA Fighting Knife

The 20-degree edge angle and has a blade length of 7-inch, with an overall length of 11.875-inch and weighs 0.7 pounds. This can be carried from both the sides and is impervious to water and moisture. A versatile knife that can be used for any outdoor use for cutting, chopping or on any hunting trip. A limited lifetime warranty is provided by the company.


The knife comes with nonreflective black powder coating that provides protection from rust and scratches

An ultimate tool that can be used for chopping, cutting, outdoor chores and for any hunting trips

The hard-plastic sheath can be carried from both sides left or right

The sheath provides safety for kids

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


Overall a wonderful knife, no cons as such

4. Cold Steel Leatherneck SF

The Cold Steel is a survival knife that exhibits outstanding qualities and is a full tang blade. Probably one of the best for close combat situations, fights, survival or tactical use. A double quillon guard (solid steel) that has an anti-slip feature. This is a blade that comes with German D2 tool steel – HRC: 55-62 and a knife with sharp edges. The cross-section troughs (oval-shaped) hug the palm of the user tightly and prevents any slips.

Cold Steel Leatherneck-SF

The knife weighs 10.4 oz and is equipped with a secure ex-sheath. It can be carried and transported comfortably. The blade thickness is 5mm and a handle with 5″ Long Griv-Ex. You can use this knife in any emergency situation, has a sheath that is detachable along with an ambidextrous belt loop. The knife is from Taiwan measuring 11.75”. The knife features a handle that is thick and has a machined butt cap for the best striking outcomes. The Cold Steel is recovered from the 1776 U.S. Marines, with a limited lifetime warranty.


The knife is outstanding with an overall length of 11 ¾”. Blade length of 6 ¾”

This is constructed with steel/material German D2 Steel and has a coating of black powder

The handle is 5” Long Griv-Ex

A knife that has serrations and works amazingly in emergent situations

This comes with a limited lifetime warranty


No cons as such

5. Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with 6in Bowie Blade

The Smith and Wesson is a fixed blade durable knife made of reliable 7Cr17MoV high carbon, an aluminum handle (rubber wrapped) along with black oxide stainless steel that is deep grooved adding more durability. This is an indestructible knife virtually and will serve you for long without rusting. This is easier to sharpen and cuts wood amazingly.


Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife


This Smith comes with a non-slip quality and does not have any serrations. A razor-like sharpness that can be sharpened with a smooth stone too. overall a great combat and survival knife is coated with black powder, reducing reflection and corrosion. This also features a multi-purpose nylon sheath that can be used for heavy-duty purposes. A knife that has decorations of lashing dots, sharpening stone along with D rings and a pouch with a Velcro shutter.


This is durable, light in weight and easy to carry

Features a quick and easy to access ballistic polyester sheath that is conveniently removable and has a storage pouch

Features anti-slip qualities and gives you confidence while you use

Owns a groove and a lanyard hole

This measures 10.5 inches (26.7 cm) overall length with a blade length of 6 inches (15.3 cm) along with a weight of 7.4 ounces


The sheath is disappointing

Some appreciable buying tips before choosing the best knife for combat purposes

A few important factors that should be kept in mind before purchasing your best combat knife. The usage scenario or personal preference, both the factors are responsible for finding the perfect one.


It all depends on the situation you are a part of, which may cause injury or even take your life. The blade of the knife should be of a proper length that can make you face combat situations with confidence. The construction of the blade and the quality material is a must when choosing a knife. Many types of them are available and according to your need you can buy a fixed blade knife with serrations or a knife with a straight-edge blade, or a knife with combinations. Your anticipated needs will make you decide better whether you are looking for a weapon knife or a tool for other chores. Straight edged knives work great for close combat situations.


This is not at all desirable that in the middle of the fight any malfunction happens and you lose the handle grip. Scary it is! Get a knife that possesses anti-slip properties and the specifications should be checked by you prior.

Sometimes the blade is great but the knife handle isn’t and this may put you in dire trouble. It depends on you that what you tend to choose. Some prefer wooden handles, while some look for synthetic ones and some are coated with materials that prevent them from slipping. The tighter the grip the more leverage you get as a user while cutting through things. Even for the military personnel combat situations require knives that have handles designed to provide you with a grip that is firm and secure.


From slashing to the stabbing, a lot of maneuvers form a part of close combat situations. The design of the knife is of primary importance as the close combat requires lethal blows. The properly designed knife will never let you down even in the toughest or the most dangerous encounters. Fights and self-defense can be executed safely and confidently if you choose the knife with the right design.


A versatile knife is loved and preferred by all as this can be put to different uses such as chopping, cutting, other chores, etc. In case of an accident, or self-defense a good knife will always provide you with safety and protection. If trapped then the knife should be able to cut the seat belt or act as a glass breaker too.


A country like America may have many underlying prohibitions related to the custody of knives. Different states may have stringent laws and regulations. It becomes very important to find them out with the local authorities before you invest in your combat knife. In the year 1980, the switchblade knives were banned by the federal governments, which led to fines and imprisonments for some. So, the rule of the thumb is to be aware and responsible before-hand only.

Final Verdict

Choosing a combat knife will become much easier after reading this article since we have tried to make it comfortable for you. You should buy the one which caters to your needs, like the knife that’s great for you may not be for your friend. Narrow down your search with research and look after the most important factors that a knife should possess. Go ahead! And buy a perfect gear that provides you with adequate protection when no one else can.