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The Best Chopping Knife Review

Any professional or home chef, if ever asked to carry one thing from their kitchen even if they are to go anywhere, we are damn sure they will select a knife.

Though, there is a vast range of knives from utility to paring, slicing, bread knives, meat knives, serrated knives, and more. The best knife brands have come up with brilliant kitchen tools, along with amazing features. These knives assist the chefs to perform brilliant and perfect chopping and cutting tasks in any kitchen.

For your convenience, our research team has gone through endless testing and detailed study of the knives of various brands. The best ones are here, and they have been differentiated on the basis of professional knives, other essential and non-essential knives which reduce hand fatigue and make routine kitchen chores quicker and simpler.

1. Perfect Chef’s Knife

The essential knives out of all is a perfect chef knife, which performs as the workhorse of the kitchen. This knife is meant to work brilliantly for slicing, dicing, chopping vegetables, meat, and other things. Usually, they own a wide blade that ranges from 6 to 10 inches in length, and the most preferred one is the Chef Knife of 8-inches. The Victorinox Fibrox and Henckels Zwilling work amazingly for pro chefs and home cooks.

A.Perfect All-purpose Chef’s Knife:- A knife which can be used for performing any kind of small and big chopping, cutting, mincing of veggies, meat, and other everyday tasks.

1. Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

It is a knife which is among the top choices of professional chefs and home cooks. More ease and efficiency are brought as the knife is crafted expertly with a tapered stainless-steel edge. Any kind of big and small tasks can be performed with this durable knife. This razor-sharp knife effortlessly minces, dices, chops, and comes with a laser-tested blade. A brand you can trust with confidence for quality and performance.

A knife is of great use and an important part of any kitchen, which features an ergonomic handle made using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which ensures a non-slip grip. A knife is weighted and balanced for easy handling. The blade length is 7.9-inches, dishwasher safe material. The knife is crafted by experts in Switzerland, and the company provides a lifetime warranty for defects in material and workmanship. A highly recommended knife by experts worldwide.


  1. A great knife for home chefs and professionals
  2. Made of quality stainless steel which makes the chopping tasks easier
  3. This is a multipurpose chef’s knife for mincing, chopping, dicing, slicing, and more
  4. A must knife for everyday use for every chef
  5. Swiss item #: 5.2063.20 is imprinted on the knife blade, and this is a similar knife as 40520, 47520, 45520, and 47520.US2. The only difference is how the knife is packaged
  6. Designed for professional and home chefs by experts
  7. Ergonomic design which makes handling easy


  1. The blade is jagged from one side

B.Best User-friendly Chef’s Knife:- Another chef’s knife which works as your close friend and supports in various kitchen chores and encourages a firm and secure grip. Any sorts of vegetables, meat, and fish can be cut with this amazing knife.

2. Henckels Zwilling Pro -8″- Chef’s Knife

A user-friendly knife which features a unique blade shape and an ergonomic bolster. Henckels is another great brand which has an experience of manufacturing knives for 280 years. The company boasts of setting standards worldwide, and has a vigorous study of knives. The bolster is designed uniquely, for ensuring a professional pinch grip and curved to support the thumb and index finger on the blade. This was redesigned to give it a modern way of cutting and chopping with a rocking motion.

The design encourages cutting and chopping with improved precision, safety and comfort. The POM handle is durable and resilient. The knife provides adequate balance for performing everyday kitchen chores. The Sigma forge knife is made from a single piece with high-carbon no stain stainless steel. This knife can be easily sharpened from bolster to tip, designed in Italy and made in Germany.


  1. The most user-friendly knife available in the market
  2. Features a curved bolster which encourages cutting with improved precision, safety and comfort
  3. This knife is constructed from a single piece of special formula high-carbon
  4. FRIODUR Blade is ice-hardened, which makes it stay sharper, longer with superior resilience
  5. Precision-honed blade and laser-controlled edge provides an ideal cutting angle for sharpness and durability


  1. May come fake, so one should be aware

2. Essential Knives For Chefs

Even the former knife discussed is also an essential knife, but for more kitchen tasks we have an all-purpose knife from a renowned brand Wusthof and a bread cutting knife from Hoffritz and Victorinox Paring Knife. Any kitchen is incomplete without these knives as they are suitable to perform daily tasks in minutes. These knives are user-friendly and loved by chefs all over the world.

A.Excellent Utility Knife:- A sturdy knife that handles large cutting tasks with ease and precision. Cutting and chopping vegetables is just a breeze with this knife.

1. WÜSTHOF 4582/20 Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife, Black,8-Inch

The Wusthof classic series is an essential knife which helps in preparing any meal of the day. This can be easily used for mincing, chopping, dicing, slicing. A full-tang knife with triple riveted handles which brings immense satisfaction to any cook and professional chef. Don’t chop bones, that may damage the knife blade. This brand offers a huge range of cutlery and this is one of the best-selling series for generations.

Long-lasting synthetic material is used for resisting discoloration and fading. This features a long blade of 8″, handle of 5″ and weighs 8.5 oz. The knife is precision forged and made from a single block using high-carbon steel and tempered to 58-degree HRC. The precision edge technology keeps the knife 20% sharper with twice the edge retention. A brand which is over 200 years old from Solingen (Germany). The product meets the quality standards strictly. WUSTHOF makes a number of good knives. If you’re interested, check out more of our WUSTHOF knife reviews.


  1. The knife is the workhorse of the kitchen and essential for preparing any meal.
  2. You can easily chop, mince, slice and dice in the kitchen
  3. Ergonomic handle design which is made of long-lasting synthetic material
  4. The precision edge technology of the knife yields a higher edge retention
  5. The precision forged knife is forged from a single block of high-carbon stainless steel
  6. The classic series is the best-selling from generations


  1. A great knife, no cons as such

B. Best Paring Knife:- Tasks like peeling, removing seeds, and cutting small veggies are performed with brilliance with this small and versatile paring knife.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Straight Paring Knife

This is a multipurpose paring knife which not only performs intricate tasks such as peeling or seeding the fruits but also helps in things like mincing an onion. This is small in size and is used for some tasks which require precision cuts and control. This knife again holds a lot of value when it comes to cutting and chopping. This is constructed with high-quality, light-weight European steel.

Irrespective of the knife size this secures a comfortable grip with a textured handle. It is easy to hold, use and maneuver and this quality makes it an essential one for every kitchen. The ergonomic design and non-slip grip provide easy handling. The stainless-steel blade of 3.25″ in length with double ground for sustained sharpness. The blade is small but comes with quality and life-time guarantee by the company.


  1. A knife which can be used for multipurpose use
  2. Works perfectly for garnishing, peeling, slicing and dicing
  3. Constructed with high-quality, lightweight European steel
  4. The knife is dishwasher safe and features double ground for sustained sharpness
  5. The ergonomic design provides easy handling and is weighted and balanced accordingly


  1. A sharp knife without a heft

C. Perfect Bread Knife:- Cutting and setting a variety of breads along with other kitchen chores can be executed without hand fatigue with this knife.

3. Hoffritz Commercial 5226094 Top Rated German Steel Bread Knife

A knife which is designed for toughest kitchens and cuts cleanly through any sort of bread. The knife comes with serrations which helps in cutting through hard and soft-crusty bread to pastries. The Hoffritz is expertly crafted and semi-polished German steel of high-carbon is used for its construction. The blade knife comes with a razor-sharp edge which encourages professional quality cuts.

This comes with a long-lasting edge retention feature. The knife handle is extremely durable with ergonomic and silicon handles. This offers a secure, non-slip, and comfortable grip. This is NSF certified and meets all the quality standards and testing. A knife which is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe too.


  1. The knife cuts cleanly through a variety of breads
  2. This is expertly handcrafted and made of German steel of high-quality
  3. Comes with a razor-sharp blade for professional quality cuts
  4. A durable and non-slip grip which brings adequate comfort
  5. The knife is NSF certified
  6. A knife which is designed to withstand the toughest kitchens
  7. It is easy to clean and maintain and is dishwasher safe


  1. Blade length is a bit shorter for some

Non-Essential Knives

There are some non-essential knives too BOSKA 357600 Copenhagen Cheese Slicer, and OXO 35681 Good Grips Oyster Knife, which are used for tasks such as cheese slicing and for prying oyster shells. It is not that these knives are not of use, but they are used for some specific tasks apart from chopping or cutting. In case you want such types of knives then you can find them in different brands too.

The Ultimate Guide To Buy Right Chopping Knife

The knife should feel comfy and good to grip for easy chopping and cutting. Once you hold a knife, this should inspire confidence in place of instilling fear. Having a feel of the knife is extremely important before you spend it. Until and unless you are comfortable with the knife then only buy and use otherwise leave and move on. You can go through the customer reviews, videos of knife usage before you invest in one.


There are two notions related to the weight of the knife, like a heavy-weight knife cuts through tough foods easier and falls with more force. On the other hand, the light knives are easy to manoeuvre and can be used more skilfully. One should always choose a knife according to one’s requirements and needs. Choose exactly according to your style and help you in chopping freely.

Perfect Balance

This is again a very potent feature when it comes to judging knives. you can know it only after holding it, and if the knife feels heavy towards the handle or weighted towards the blade, then one should avoid using such a knife. Any imbalanced knife can cause a lot of discomfort to your hands. A knife which enables a side-to-side balance is supposed to be the best and the more stable the knife the more effortless and good chopping results can be seen.


We are a bit partial towards the knife with an 8-inch size, and the underlying reason is its versatility and utility for performing varied tasks. More than 8-inch may be intimidating, while less than this such a 6-inch one can be a perfect paring knife.

Handle And Blade Material

The knife you use shouldn’t feel slippery, even if your hands are wet. The quality stainless steel knives with an anti-slip handle encourages a confident grip for best outcomes. There may be molds or indentations in the knife handle, but one should use only when comfortable.

Full-tang blades are always good to use along with ice-hardened steel of high-carbon makes them stronger and more durable.

The Bolster

The portion where the blade and handle meet are called the bolster or caller, shank, shoulder. It acts as a fingerguard for the hand you use to grip and also add strength and stability to the knife. With a full-length blade some of the Japanese knives don’t have bolsters and the best part is they can be sharpened right through the heel. While you hold a knife, the slope from the bolster to the blade can be noticed. Be it any style, but it should in no way make you tighten your grip.

The Heel

When it is required to do some tough chopping, like that of poultry tendons or hard rind then it requires force. It is the thickest part of the knife edge along with the greatest heft. This entirely depends on what you want to chop.

The Spine And Edge

The top-most portion of a knife is the spine and it should be tapered at the tip. Just imagine, a hard spine can be extremely hard to work with.

The edges of your knife should be perfectly sharp as this is where the soul of the knife resides. No chef can work properly with a dull or blunt knife. If your knife has a gentle curve from the tip of the knife to the heel then it will help you in smooth rocking motion while chopping and mincing.

The Full And Final:

Buying a knife also comes with a meager responsibility to store, hone, and keep the knives clean, which you use. This will add longevity to your kitchen tool, which is just an extension of your hand. We vote for the Victorinox, as this is an all-purpose knife for home chefs and pro chefs.

The smooth and consistent cutting and chopping can be felt by the chefs while they use the best and the coolest chopping knives. Select the knife which matches your style, type, and task. Have a brilliant experience in your precious kitchen!

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