Best Fillet Knife 2017 (REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDE)

Looking for the good and reliable filleting knife ever? Knives do play a crucial role in our kitchens and everybody wants to have the best fillet knife that can make our work a lot more pleasant. They can be used for countless activities inside the kitchen. When it comes to cutting meat, the role of a fillet knife come into play.This article will discuss about various kitchen knife reviews. Fillet knives can make our work easier, enjoyable and can save a few bucks by minimizing wastage.  All of us want that our meat should be properly cut and there should be minimum wastage. Choosing a wrong knife is equivalent to choosing a wrong tool in a workshop. In a nutshell, we can say that a right kind of fillet knife is extremely important in our workplace. There are so many options around but picking up the best one can be an enormously confusing task. There are so many factors to be brainstormed in order to complete our search and finally own the best available in the market.

Top Fillet Knives With Comparison Chart

  • Wusthof Gourmet 7-inch
  • Length: 7"
  • Material:German high carbon steel
  • Rating:
  • Victorinox Fibrox 8 - Inch Chef’s Knife 40520
  • Length: 8"
  • Material:High carbon stainless steel
  • Rating:
  • Rapala Rechargeable Cordless Electric Fillet Knife
  • Length: 6"
  • Material:High carbon stainless steel
  • Rating:
  • Victorinox Cutlery 6-Inch Semi-Stiff Boning Knife
  • Length: 6"
  • Material:High carbon stainless- steel
  • Rating:
  • Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star
  • Length: 7"
  • Material:High-carbon no stain steel
  • Rating:

10 Best Rated Fillet Knife Reviews

Wusthof Gourmet 7-Inch Fish Fillet Knife 

When it comes to a quality fillet knife, this German high carbon steel blade is a sheer pleasure to work with. It is perfectly designed to cater the needs of a fisherman. It comes along with a leather sheath so as to extend its usability from a kitchen to lake. The Wusthof fillet knife is a laser cut blade series with a unique stamp on it. It comes with a long, thin and sharp blade which can well move along the curve of the fish and can easily reach out to the deep bones. It is very handy, light, flexible and easy to use with a perfect grip.

Best fillet knife

The stainless steel alloy is also extremely durable and hard enough for serviceable use. The weight of this fillet knife is about 9.6 ounces which is pretty comfortable to carry along. It can drastically reduce your effort and can make your work more enjoyable. In addition to all it’s benefits, Wushtof is a brand that is known for its unique and uncompromising quality that makes it one of the top fillet knives in the world. It uses a special blend of German steel throughout the length of the knife. The seven-inch blade can easily be used to cut small to medium sized fish with relative ease.

Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife 40520

This 8-inch multipurpose knife is good enough for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing. It carries a high carbon stainless steel which provides decent sharpness and edge retention. This blade is laser tested to ensure maximum cutting power. It comes with a Victorinox logo in a conical shape to provide the least amount of resistance during cutting. This knife carries a patented 2-inch Fibrox handle which is ergonomically designed to ensure proper grip. In addition to that, the handle is slip resistant and smartly textured.

This 8-inch multipurpose knife is good enough for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing. It carries a high carbon stainless steel which provides decent sharpness and edge retention. This blade is laser tested to ensure maximum cutting power. It comes with a Victorinox logo in a conical shape to provide the least amount of resistance during cutting. This knife carries a patented 2-inch Fibrox handle which is ergonomically designed to ensure proper grip. In addition to that, the handle is slip resistant and smartly textured.

cheap fillet knifeThis knife made at Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen comes with lifetime warranty. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be resharpened over and over again, so the knife can keep its original sharpness throughout the entire life of the blade. It is quite nice a blade to own as it is very light, sharp and well balanced to fit the hand. It is best suited to a common person who knows his way around the kitchen and at the same time, a professional chef can use it. The cost incurred is also pretty less compared to its german counterparts. It is sharp enough to carve out a turkey and at the same time can be used to dice vegetables.

Rapala Rechargeable Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

This fillet knife is electric powered making things a lot easier for a chef or any person working in the kitchen. It comes with various accessories like dual rechargeable battery packs, AC battery charger, 6 inches and 7-1/2 inch blade. Two blades give us flexibility to work and this knife can be the first choice of fish lovers. It features a quiet long-lasting motor and advanced airflow handle to reduce heat buildup and is the best fillet knife for fish around carrying the famous Rapala brand image.

Top quality fillet knife

The battery(s) fit neatly into the charger but one has to be particular about the orientation of the battery(s). They should be lined up correctly facing the proper way. This knife has the power to overcome the most tedious filleting tasks and is the best cordless electric fillet knife in its segment.  Two removable rechargeable battery packs provide a good amount of power capable enough to complete the job in the easiest possible manner. Charger takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to charge one battery and in the mean time, you can use another one for household use without any delay. Both a 6″ and 7-1/2″ reciprocating style blades are included in a compact carrying case which enables filleting indoors as well as outdoors. It is fun to carry this attractive case anywhere you want. It is worth mentioning here that the material of the case is blow-molded plastic and blades are manufactured out of stainless steel. Owning this knife means that you can do filleting like a champ and not spending too much at the same time.

Victorinox Cutlery 6-Inch Semi-Stiff Boning Knife

This knife is specially crafted for slicing bones and cartilage. It is a handmade patented Swiss product by Victorinox. The main feature of this knife is its black Fibrox handle which is slip-resistant and comfortable to hold. It holds quite good in wet conditions which enhance its capability to be used in camping.It is designed for a better grip for slicing around ribs and chops. This knife is comfortable and lightweight in construction.

Best 6 inch knife

It also got a Victorinox stamp on the blade. The blade is curved to provide better-working angle when cutting around the curves. The material of the blade is high carbon stainless- steel which gives edge retention and ample amount of sharpness to the blade. In addition to that the blade is ice tempered to sustain sharpness for a longer period. Victorinox gives lifetime warranty for its products against any manufacturing defects. This knife makes it really easy to remove skin and bone from chicken. Overall it is an excellent knife to get at such a low price. This knife is extremely sharp and sharpness persists over a long period of time with little effort. So it is quite easy to re-sharpen and holds an edge well.

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels High Carbon Fillet knife

This high-quality fillet knife comes from J.A. Henckels company which are one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers of the world. Four Star® Series is one of the world’s most popular knife lines. It was designed with the help of highly experienced well-known professional chefs which resulted in this fully forged knife with unique molded handle. The handle of this knife is bonded polypropylene which is comfortable, break-proof, safety rich and highly balanced.

This high-quality fillet knife comes from J.A. Henckels company which are one of the oldest cutlery manufacturers of the world. Four Star® Series is one of the world’s most popular knife lines. It was designed with the help of highly experienced well-known professional chefs which resulted in this fully forged knife with unique molded handle. The handle of this knife is bonded polypropylene which is comfortable, break-proof, safety rich and highly balanced.

best 7 inch knife

This knife comes with perfect geometry, high precision and highly stable blade and overall structure. The edge of the blade is laser controlled and sustains sharpness. One of the unique features of this blade is that it comes with friodur ice hardening which helps in resistance against corrosion and pitting. The material of the blade is high carbon no stain steel which is fully resistant to stains and rust. These knives are ideal for filleting fish or any kind of meat. It comes with lifetime guarantee. At 7 inches it is long enough to be used for everything from trimming tenderloins to cutting through tuna loin. The slight flex in the blade extends the use of this knife in situations suitable for either a flexible or a stiff bone. This knife is flexible enough to be used for professional purposes as well as for domestic use.

Bubba Blade Titanium Coated Fillet Knife

This Bubba Blade Fillet Knife is one of the handiest and instrumental product in this category, which can smoothly cut through pan fish. The knife’s piquancy built gives implausible control of the knife. The thin blade it is incorporated with is potent to move and cut through the most delicate fish. Its nonstick surface constructed with titanium has the power to cut through the meat which adds to its utility. The titanium coating will help prevent rusting and pitting. 7” high carbon stainless steel blade: for full vigor and balance. It is fitted with a black scabbard and strap with an overall length of 13”.

Bubba blade fillet knife reviews

Key Features

Its exclusive features make it stand out from other products:

  • The nonstick surface bonded with titanium help it to prevent rusting & pitting.
  • It’s 7 Inch Blade with 6 Inch handle make it suitable to grip.
  • Some heat can be put when required with the trigger grip.
  • Has custom black synthetic scabbard with Velcro straps.
  • It’s nonsticky surface helps let the meat slide with ease.
  • The full tang built from a single piece of steel renders strength and firms your grip.
  • The total length of the Bubble Blade Fillet Knife is 13 Inches.

  • The knife is as handy and sharp as said in the advertisement and it becomes even sharper once you start using it.
  • It’s pretty long to fillet most fish and has a right amount of flexibility to carve out every bit of the meat from the fish.


  • It is considered expensive in comparison to the other products available at different sites.

 Global Cromova G-21, Flexible Boning Knife

Global Cromova G – 21 – 61/4 inch, 16cm Flexible Boning Knife, is one brilliant choice for many professional chefs as well for the home cooks. This extremely flexible knife is stiff yet can easily be used to cut meat from the bone. On top of that, it is comfortably designed so as to be used by both, Left and right handed users. It is lightweight in design which particularly helps in rendering a perfect balance so as to save you from fatigue. The handle ensures perfect grip and hence easy slicing. The high-tech CROMOVA stainless steel prevents food and dirt from sticking to the blades. It has been constructed keeping in view the standards of professional chefs.

Global Cromova G-21 - 6 1/4 inch, 16cm Flexible Boning Knife Reviews

Key Features

  • 6-1/4- inch specifically balanced this boning knife is light to handle.
  • Its blade is constructed of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel.
  • A lifetime warranty for this Global Cromova knife is being offered with a really affordable price against defects and breakage.
  • It’s extraordinarily jagged to cut through the stuff.
  • It can be effortlessly molded and easy to clasp with your fingers.


  • This Flexible Boning knife is handy for many of the household tasks in your kitchen.
  • The knife is very light and the blade is super flexible and thin.


  • It is not useful if you are de-boning meat or a fish

Schmid Brothers Cutlery, Bonded Teak Chef Knife

Schmid Brothers Bonded Teak provides knives made of 100% German stainless steel and sculpted South Asian Teak. The knives are 8 inches long and 9.1 ounces in weight and the rare teak wood provides a soft, comfortable grip.  The handle is of high quality teak and each steel blade has the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve engraved in it for safety. It is a beautifully sculpted South Asian high-quality Teak that offers a comfortable grip and easy move from blade to the handle. The knife has highly polished blade which is dust and stain resistant and the blade is held firmly in the handle. As the knife is of the finest quality, sending it through dishwasher may make its blade dull.

Key Features

The following features make the product an outstanding one:

  • The knife is composed of 100% German stainless steel.
  • The Teak wood handle is of high quality and offers a comfortable grip.
  • The handle is designed to hold the blade perfectly.
  • It is rust and stain resistant and so it is durable.
  • It is highly polished and elegant looking.


  • It is an inexpensive alternative
  • They have a nice weight and feel comfy in the hand


  • Dishwasher will destroy the Teak wood handles
  • It’s a great knife for home, but for a professional chef, it might not be suitable.

Victorinox 6-Inch Flex Boning Knife

Victorinox is a company that started in 1884 as a tableware workshop, the company is known to the world as the producer of Original Swiss Army Knife. The company was already successful when its co-founder had delivered the first pocket knife to the Swiss Army.

Victorinox 6- Inch Flex Boning Knife with Fibrox Handle, as the name suggests, is a six inches boning knife with thin, flexible blade perfect for separating meat, poultry or fish from the bone without any hassle. Even though its name is “flexible” it is stiff enough to separate meat from any part attached to the bone. The blades have precise control that enables you to cut meat with more precision. The knife has patented Fibrox handles that are textured, slip resistant, and ergonomically designed for balance and comfortable grip. Victorinox boning knife has a sharp point and narrow blade that is Ice-tempered. The stainless-steel provides maximum sharpness and edge retention. It is made in Switzerland under expert supervision and has a life time warranty against the manufacturer defects.

Key Features

This is one of the oldest products with novel elements involved to suit your requirement. Here is a list of features that make the product unique:

  • The knife has conical ground for wider break point.
  • An extended blade near the handle for full use of the whole blade.
  • With Bolsterless edge sharpening is carried out easily.
  • Handles are slip resistant, ergonomically and NSF approved.
  • Lifetime warranty in case of manufacturer defects.
  • Expertly made in Switzerland that allows you balanced and comfortable grip.


  • A sharp straight knife that enables cutting neatly and precisely.
  • The knife is flexible and narrow and allows getting the most from the bone.


  • The handle appeared slightly bulky.
  • The blade is flexible but not overly.

 ZELITE INFINITY Chefs’ Knife 8 inch

Zelite Infinity has been designed to offer many advantages to the users and is the all-in-one-solution. This Chef Knife is 8 inches in length and 8 ounces in weight and is of the finest quality. The Japanese VG10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel lasts long offering high quality performance. It offers a lifetime 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, so if for any reasons you are unsatisfied you will be refunded 100% of the amount, no questions asked. The blade material of the knife is made from Japanese VH10 Super Steel and is honed to 12-15 degrees per side, though it is Asian in style, the knife also offers good grip, strength and balance which make the product a unique combination of Western and Asian styles. The knife has a larger handle that is rounded and not flat for extreme comfort.

You get sharpness, edge retention, including stain and rust resistance as it is manufactured by skilled artisans using strictest German Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The knife is suitable for cryogenic storage.  These finest quality knives are difficult to keep in stock so you may place orders once you have come to know of its availability.

Key Features

  • The blade is firmly held in the handle as it has a Full tang.
  • The large handle reduces hand and wrist fatigue
  • The Zelite Chef Knife is solid, robust and offers optimum balance.
  • 67-Layer Rose Damascus creates Non-Stick Blade
  • Rare Tapered Bolster that provides a smooth transition from blade to the handle.
  • The handle is built to last and offers Full blade design
  • Cryogenic cooling so Hardness HRC61+/-1 so it is suitable for cryogenic storage


  • The chef knife exceeds very high expectations
  • A beautiful knife that’s a pleasure to use

  • This is a knife designed for home and professional cooking, but if the purpose is outdoor bush crafting, then this one is not for you.

How To Choose The Fillet Knife

The first and foremost thing you require in your kitchen could be none other than a fillet knife. No matter what sort of food you have to prepare, fillet knife is extremely important. It is used to cut fish, meat, vegetables, fruits etc. To do a specific job you require a specific tool, similarly, you require the right kind of fillet knife which can cater your needs in the kitchen.  So every time you need to transform your raw food into cooked one, you need a decent fillet knife. This is pretty simple but the issue is how to pick the best fillet knife which exactly matches your requirements. There are a number of good fillet knives around but choosing one is an uphill task.

When choosing the blade of your choice, there are few things that you have to list down such as what kind of food material you will be dealing with. For e.g. if you daily come across fish or meat you require a strong and long fillet knife. But if you are working professionally you may require very sharp or electric powered knives.

Another thing to consider is that which knife is the most comfortable to hold for you. For example, if the size of the hand is big, you may require a knife with a big gusty handle. So you have to pick the knife which is suited best for you ergonomically. The price of the knife might be another important factor. Some knives are excellent, but they are expensive too. So for the average user, one might settle down for a cheaper option. Brand image can be another crucial factor. Some companies are giving a lifetime guarantee and are the leading manufacturers of cutlery articles for long. These companies have gained trust over the years.

Benefits Of Using A Good Fillet Knife

There are immense benefits of using the fillet knife. One should always go for the one that best suits you and kind of work that you have to perform. It will save effort and make filleting a fun activity. It can also save money as wastage of meat will be minimized. It is very important especially when you are a chef by profession. You can save a fortune by having the good quality knife. Another advantage is that you can save time and can speed up your work. It will also give you a safe environment as it reduces the risk of slicing yourself.


Weighing pros and cons the whole matter boils down to the fact that choosing the best knife around is of utmost importance. There are countless options to choose from but picking up the right one is an intimidating task. Various parameters must be considered before doing it, and one must be aware of the consequences if you happen to elect a wrong one. Fillet knives are not highly priced, so we have to consider the one which best fits in our kitchens rather than looking for a cheaper option. Ergonomic consideration should be the prime factor while selecting the reliable fillet knife thus make filleting activity a lot smoother.


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